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Web Site Optimization

Web site optimization tips and techniques for ranking well among the search engines.

Focusing on your web site optimization does 4 things:

  1. Brings you "Top Listings" on all the Major Search Engines 

  2. Brings More Visitors to Your Website 

  3. Turns Your Visitors Into Customers 

  4. Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More 

It's unfortunate how many people don't pay attention to this important element of website optimization.

===> If your site doesn't rank in the first 10-20 results for your chosen keyword phrase, your target audience isn't likely to find you.

Good website optimization should begin with the design of your website and each web page. Your Keywords, Title, Image Alt text, your content and overall design, all play key roles in determining how your website will rank.

Web site optimization can be done by you or you can purchase products or services that will help you do it.

If performing your own website optimization here's a few things that will help you out.

Components of Web Site Optimization

Optimizing your site tags: There are many search engines today that no longer use meta tags to assist them in ranking a web page however there are some that still do, and it's worth the effort to include them.

These would include the Title tag, Description tag, keyword tags.

The most important part of your web page is what appears at the very top. The section of your source code appears at the very top and should include your 'title' phrase, 'Description' and 'keywords'.

Your title tag should describe exactly what people can find on your site while also including your best keyword or keyword phrase. Try to keep it eight words or less if possible. Your title tag syntax is:

<TITLE>Your Page Title</TITLE>

The 'description' should not only include the title keyword phrase but it should be a phrase that will compel your viewers to look at your site. Consider this, if the sites that rank ahead of you in the search engines don't interest viewers with their description, then you will have more of a chance to get the click if your description is compelling.  Description tag syntax is:

<meta NAME="Description" Content="Learn how to find less competitive keywords and how to place them on your site helping you gain better ranking in the search engines.">

Link building - Your website links are what weave you into the World Wide Web and is an important part of your site's optimization.   

Choosing the right keywords - Choose your Keywords and keyword phrases carefully. They must be highly relevant to what each page of your site is about and they should accurately describe each page.

Keywords Syntax is:

<meta name="keywords" content="keyword1,keyword2,keyword3" />

Content, Content, Content - Your site's content must be relevant to what you site is about.

The search engines develop algorithms that seek out sites that deliver relevant, quality information.   If your site can meet those objectives, you're likely to rank higher than sites that simply regurgitate the same information that is already on the web.  

Read Google's FAQ's. Google is the search engine market leader and most other search engines mimic their techniques. If you learn how to do well in Google, you'll do well in the others. 

 Improve your Search Engine ranking and be #1 On Google and Yahoo!

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