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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

Good Search Engine Optimization starts with good site design. This means understanding exactly what your site will be offering its visitors. From there you can incorporate logical navigation, accurately identify relevant keywords, create useful, informative content, optimize your tags, create links and keep your site ranked well with frequent updates.

Here's a few tips on helping you rank well yet offer your visitors the information they are most interested in.

Keep Your Site Focused - Don't try to be all things to all people. Keep your site as narrowly niche focused as possible. Don't build a pet site that includes all things for pets, narrow it down to dogs or cats, and if you can, narrow it down even further to 'dog food' or 'dog training' or 'dog prescriptions'. Tightly niched sites have become the site of today. Remember, the more narrowly focused your website the more likely you are to attract a visitor that will buy because you are more likely to offer them what they are looking for.

Website Navigation - Build your website with navigation in mind. Your readers, and search engines must be able to find what they are looking with ease and without frustration. This means good indexing, descriptive titles, easy navigation.

Use an accurate Description Tag - Use descriptive page titles. Take time to summarize your page and create a descriptive page title that depicts exactly what your page is about. This will encourage viewers to click on your page link. It will also help the search engines to know what your page is about, therefore helping it achieve high ranking among the natural searches.

Use accurate, descriptive keywords - Select 2-3 keywords for each page of your site and sprinkle them effectively throughout your page. Use Wordtracker or a good keyword tool to find keywords that will bring you the most traffic and are not too competitive.

Example of tags usage: If you have a site that sells "pet supplies", here is how good head, keyword and description tags might look:

  <TITLE>Pet supplies -- Online pet supplies and pet accessories</TITLE>

  <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="pet supplies, pet accessories, pet store">

  <META NAME="description" CONTENT="Online pet supplies: The pet store that
   has a complete line of pet supplies and accessories that you and your pet
   are looking for.">


Linking strategies
Linking plays a large part in the optimization of your site so don't just link to any site. You should adopt a methodology in obtaining useful, quality links. Here's a few useful tips on linking strategies

Build content pages - Content is extremely important on the internet today. It's your best chance for top rankings. The search engines look for it and demand it. Your challenge will be to keep it relevant, informative, interesting and useful. But it doesn't stop there. New, fresh content must be added regularly.

Good Color coordination - Use a white or light background for your main site content. Don't use dark colored fonts on top of dark backgrounds, users won't be able to read your text. Using the same color for fonts and backgrounds to sneak in more keywords is considered spam so avoid it. Keep your site theme colors to 2 or three basic tones and be consistent.

Minimal advertising - Don't build your site around lots of advertising and banners. Keep them to a minimum.

No Spelling or Grammatical errors - Many search engines penalize for spelling and grammar errors so use your spell checker.

Create a site map.  Site maps are like a table of contents. Site maps can help search engines find, crawl and index all the pages in a website ensuring that no page is left behind.

Include a privacy policy - This is just good business sense. Your viewers like to know that you are in keeping with privacy policies.

Handy Tip:  Read Google's FAQ's. Google is the search engine market leader and you will find that most other search engines mimic their techniques. If you learn how to do well in Google, you will do well within most search engines.

I do suggest considering doing SEO yourself as opposed to hiring expensive SEO consultants. First of all it gives you more control of what's going on with your website and secondly you're not relying on someone else who may be using black hat tactics or charge you expensive fees for something that isn't really providing your with what you need, but good SEO can be costly and time consuming.

Instead, I recommend doing it yourself with top proven tools that give you easy control and provide lasting benefits for what it takes to achieve top rankings.

Here's some preferred options for better search engine ranking







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