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How To Sell eBooks Online

A step-by-step checklist on how to sell ebooks online.

Once you've created your ebook, it's time to effectively promote it.  This is how you will find potential buyers and make consistent sales. 

Here are the steps for getting started...

1. Purchase a Domain name

Start with choosing and purchasing a domain name for your website. Keep the domain name in sync with the title of your book. Important things to keep in mind when choosing a URL are:

• Make it memorable
• Make it short
• No numbers or dashes
• Easy to spell
• Descriptive of your product
• It should end in a .com (not a .net, .org, or .biz - unless you have a darned good reason to do so)

Also, if this is going to be your main site, be sure to buy any similar domains to protect your branding.

You can buy your domain name just about anywhere, but I recommend Godaddy, they're secure and their pricing is very competitive.

2. Purchase a Hosting Service

I personally use Hostgator, however you can find out more about choosing a web host here.

3. Set up a squeeze page or Website to promote your ebook

A squeeze page is simply an email opt-in page that you set up to capture the name and email addresses of interested individuals.

Through the magic of email marketing your squeeze page will allow you to capture names and email addresses of people that have an interest in what you are offering.

Your squeeze page won't be directly selling your product. This page simply captures people that are interested in your topic. You will encourage sign-up on your squeeze page by offering some free but valuable information. When they sign up you will be sending them this free information and pre-selling them on the idea of purchasing your product.

If you need help setting up a squeeze page you can easily get one at graphical opt-in box collection.

The other option is to create a 3-4 page website

If  you choose to create a multi-page website it should contain these product pages:

4. Create an eBook Cover for your eBook

I mention this here because your e-book cover is a visual for helping promote your ebook. A good looking e-book cover can help sell you ebook, so it needs to look professional. So creating a quality ebook cover is important.

You can hire someone to create a cove for you or you can use a quality ebook cover creator and do it yourself cheaply and professionally.

5. Create a Sales Page for your ebook

This will be the actual sales page for your ebook.

For best results, unless you have studied copywriting, I recommend that you hire a skilled writer to draft it for you.

You can find skilled writers at or or you can simply go to a writers forum and put out your request.

If you want to tackle writing your own salesletter I highly recommend using instant sales letters. These are point and click salesletter templates that will help you create a professional, persuasive salesletter based on sales copy that sells.

Simply insert the appropriate information and post your salesletter If you are confident in doing this yourself you can create a website yourself with just the pages needed.

6. Create a 'thank you' download page

Your download page should contain a few basic pieces:

• Who you are
• How to contact you
• Download instructions
• Download links (of course)
• What company name will show up on their PayPal statement or credit card statement.
• Any bonuses they were promised and how to claim them.

7. Decide on payment processor. (Figure out how you’re getting paid.)

Here are the most used payment options:

  • Clickbank
  • Paydotcom
  • E-junkies
  • 1ShoppingCart
  •  WAHMCart

I prefer Paypal, it's the easiest and most direct to set up. If you plan to set up an affiliate program for your ebook Clickbank is my best recommendation.

8. Create an Opt-in Email List

Not everyone will come to your site and buy the first time, that's why you will want to capture their email information and communicate with them on a regular, consistent basis. An interested person will eventually come around to buying but first they will need to recognize you as a trusted merchant and developing a rapport with them through email is a very effective strategy.

For more information on how to develop your email opt-in list here's a free email course that will get you started.

9. Create an affiliate program for Promoting your ebook 

One of the best ways, if not THE best way to promote or sell your ebook is to develop an affiliate program. This will take some up front work on your part but the sales advantage you will have over your competition is unsurmountable.

 10. Promote Your eBook








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