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Products to Sell online

Need ideas for products to sell online?  Let's take a look...

Information Products - Electronic products that sell information do very well online. For example, you could write an ebook on a topic that the public craves information on and you've got yourself a nice tidy sum coming in each month. The beauty of information products is that you write it once and collect the profits forever.

Affiliate Products - This is more about promoting products than actually selling them. As I mentioned above, if you don't have a product to sell nor do you wish to sell products directly you might consider promoting affiliate products. If you make a sale by referring someone to a product, then you make a commission. For many affiliate products that can be 50% or more of the sale of the product.

Sell Your Old Stuff on Ebay - Ebay draws millions of visitors and is a huge marketplace for opportunity. It's not hard to get started but here are some great tips for selling on ebay that could get you started today making money for tomorrow.

Buy Wholesale & Sell Retail with Dropshipping - Don't have your own products? Not a problem, there are plenty of products you can acquire wholesale and sell on ebay for retail. Simply find a wholesale dropshipper, preferably one that is ebay certified, and you're good to go.

Still stumped about what products to sell online? Here's a free niche finder guide that will help you find products and how to know if they will produce profitable sales.


Getting Started Selling Your Products or Services

If you're considering getting started selling online, here's a run down of how to get started and a list of tools you'll need.

1. You'll need a website. Either create a website yourself or contact a website developer.
2. Register for a domain name
3. Find reliable web hosting
4. Set up a merchant account for accepting credit cards online.
5. Find an email autoresponder to respond to emails and orders automatically
6. Obtain a business license & Sellers Permits
7. A business phone, fax and mailbox

Preparation and setup can be extensive, however there are a few products that will make the job easier such as Ken Envoy's Site Build It. Yahoo even puts out a great eCommerce solution called Yahoo Store that is definitely worth a second look.

If you do choose Yahoo Store, this is a great supplement to help you make the most of your site and acquire as many sales as possible. How To Create a profitable e-commerce store.
Build a website
If you're going to sell on the internet or simply rely on the internet to promote your business, you're going to need to create and build a website.

Register Your Domain Name
Create a domain name that is the name of your business or as closely related to the name of your business and register it to you.

Find Reliable web hosting
Choosing a web host that is reliable will ensure your site is up and running at all times and will accommodate the amount of visitors and interaction that you expect.

Set up a merchant account
In order to accept credit card payments online, you will need to choose a merchant account.

Find an autoresponder
You will need to respond to emails and online orders automatically and quickly.  A reliable email autoresponder will help you look professional, answer common questions and ensure your customers receive proper feedback. It also helps you collect email addresses from those that visit your site so that you can keep in touch with potential customers.

Obtain a business license & Seller permits
Is unlawful for any person to conduct business without a business license.

Additionally all businesses that are retailers or wholesalers of taxable goods or services are required to obtain a Seller's Permit or resale license. A sellers permit is not necessary if you are in affiliate sales, but it's generally a good idea to obtain one anyway. Here's more info on business licenses and permits.

Set up a business phone, fax, mailbox
Setting up a business phone, fax or mailbox is not required but having at least a phone contact speaks volumes as to whether you are a legitimate, trustworthy business. It's always good business practice to allow people a way to contact you. Most people never do call you but they generally want to know they can if they need to.

A mailing address is also not required but indicates your authenticity. It's not necessary to publish an exact address, a P.O. Box is acceptable.







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