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6 Powerful Online Copywriting Tips

Writing powerful online copy is about attracting targeted readers, writing headlines that attract, and making it unique, useful and interesting. 

It's Online Copywriting 101 really, meaning it's not hard, you just need to know the strategies that work. 

Start with these 6 online copywriting tips and you can't go wrong.

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How To Make Money Copywriting

1.Know Who Your Target Market Is

Do you really know who your target market is?  Do you actually know what they feel, what they want and how to appeal to their emotions?

This is especially key when writing sales letters. You can't connect with your reader unless  you know who they are, what they feel and the kinds of things that interest them.

You may think you know but I'd be willing to bet you could know more. 

Before you begin to do any copywriting take a few minutes and really try to think about the person buying your products or services.  Really understand how to reach them emotionally, find out what gets their attention and what things turn them off.

When you can truly understand your target market you're chances of making a firm sale increases dramatically. 

2.Use Headlines that Grab Attention

Your headlines and sub-headlines throughout your copy need to logically guide your reader.

First off, your headline should include a benefit that includes powerful details on how you can solve a problem for your reader.  They should also be written in a slightly larger fond and should be bolded.

Use descriptive sub-headlines throughout your copy to maintain your reader's attention.

3. Don’t use hard to understand words

Forget what you learned in writing class and keep your text simple and easy to read. Your goal should be to state a purpose and create emotion.

Speak to your reader as if you were chatting with a friend over coffee. Avoid big words, long adjectives and rambling. If you don't you'll risk losing your prospects.

4. Use Testimonials

Of course you love your product, and that’s great but it’s also biased. Potential buyers want to hear from unbiased people who have used your product.  That can only come from genuine customer testimonials.

A good testimonial should include a person's full name, city, state, website URL and if possible a picture of that person.

For more believable and persuasive testimonials, include why the person uses your product, what the benefits are and why they recommend it.

5. Stay Focused on your Reader

Effective copywriting is about focusing on the needs of the customer, so find out what your target market feels, needs and wants.  Then put those feelings and emotions in to your sales copy.  

Does your copy contain a lot of “I’s”?  Then it’s time for a serious re-write. Go back and change the “I’s” to “You’s”. Your writing should always be focused on the customer. 

Remember, your reader is always thinking, "What's in it for me?"  So keep those words in mind.

6. Include A Call To Action

Tell your reader what you expect them to do.

If you want them to click over and purchase your product, say so. 

Say it in a clear, compelling way that promotes the benefits of your products.  Getting anyone to take action means giving them a good reason to.  

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