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Online Copywriting 101

Since starting my own internet home business I knew from the very beginning that if I was going to be successful on the web, I had to write well. 

So I promised myself  I'd learn the one thing that had the most potential for helping me get targeted traffic, promote my work effectively and make money. 

...that was to learn online copywriting.

Since following through on that promise, I've been able to rank well in the search engines, write copy that people find useful, connect with my readers on their level and expand my reach to thousands who are ready to buy.   Learn Online Copywriting at

When I started out online I wrote what I knew in a way that people would understand while also trying to compel people to buy. 

That was a good start, but on the web we have to precisely reach our target market which means we not only have to know exactly who they are, we have to appeal to their emotions and senses while providing content that is useful, unique, original and attracts the search engines. 

Like it or not, the search engines are a big piece of the puzzle. You could ignore the search engines and advertise, but if you can write great copy that is targeted to your specific audience, optimize it for the search engines (which isn't that hard), and have your web pages rank well all the time, why wouldn't you do that?

In fact, even if you advertise, I'd still recommend writing copy that can pull readers and buyers on its own.  It's just a bonus.

Like I mentioned, learning to write great copy isn't hard.  In fact anyone can do it if you know the basics and of course a few good tricks.  I'm not talking about deception or black hat methods, but the things that successful, expert online copywriters do when writing copy that ranks well and makes sales.

Those are the people I learn from.  I don't want theory I want the strategies that real people use that actually work. so I listen to people I trust and can understand. 

Online Copywriting 101 is a course that does just that. Here's a sampling of what this course has.

  • The Myths and Musts of Search Engine Optimized Copy, the Basics and Planning of Copywriting, Crafting Intriguing Headlines that Pull by Karen Thackston.
  • Blog Copywriting that Make All the Difference by Lynn Terry.
  • Article Copywriting Secrets by Jeff Herring.
  • Busting the Press Release Writing Myths by Shannon Cherry.

...and several other successful online copywriters that I admire and have learned from both in live events as well as through this course. 

Karon Thackston, who developed this course, chose these folks because they DO open up and are amazingly candid about their strategies and easy to follow copywriting techniques.  They give you the exact same information they talk about in the live events that I paid hundreds of dollars for.  That's what makes this course so awesome.

In total, this online course has 10 individual audio sessions by 7 experts in their field. You will be amazed at how quickly you will achieve fantastic quality writing results just by listening to these folks. 

  • How to persuade your target audience to take action
  • How to boost rankings with your copy
  • How to get noticed through high-quality press releases.

The course, comes with a CD, and unlimited access to all 10 sessions online that you can also download on to your MP3 to listen to whenever you want to revisit a session.

You can also watch the video presentations of all 10 sessions and other bonuses.

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