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Link Building Strategies

Building your website links, both internally and externally is a key element for naturally ranking well in the search engines.  

Here are a few of the easiest and most effective link building strategies for obtaining high quality links to your site.


Internal Link Building Strategy


Internal web site linking is the linking you do internally within your site from page to page.


Each time you put a link on a page linking to another page, that's a vote for that page. It's not as powerful as an external links but it does offer value and is worth your time and efforts to do correctly. This is also why a consistent navigation bar should be displayed on each page of your site.

Make good use of text links that uses the main keywords of the page it is referring to . Here is an example of a text link for a 'natural dog food' page:

If you were to link another page to this page, use a variety of text link terms. To show you what I man here's an example.

Let's say you have a page titled 'how to wash a cat' and that's the main key phrase of that page. When linking to that page from other pages, vary the link text. Here would be a few link text ideas:

  • 'how to wash a cat'
  • 'bathing your cat'
  • 'how to give a cat a bath'
  • 'how to bathe a cat'

Using the same text link every time to the same page raises a red flag with Google and should be avoided.  

External link building Strategy


Developing external links or high value backlinks is significant to higher page ranking. But to do this correctly you must find high ranking pages or websites that you can get to link to your web site or web pages.


The more external links you can get naturally, that is without asking for them or trying to create them yourself, the better. And the best way to accomplish that is by providing great content.


The idea behind good content is that the better the content the more likely a reader will link to it.  


In the old days people use to simply ask for links, this was referred to as reciprocal linking. But with the start of web 2.0 and significant changes within the Google search engine algorithm, link exchanges are very passe, not to mention most likely ignored, so don't waste your time there.


Start with making a list of the pages of your website that you most wish to rank well in the search engines. One of these will of course be your home page. Pick a few others and focus on just those to start. The task of building links may take several weeks so selecting too many pages may become overwhelming.


Comment on Forums and Related Blogs


Make a list of the pages and next to each page write that pages' s main keyword phrase.


Next, find blogs, forums and other websites that relate your site's topic and that also rank well in the search engines.


Make comments on those blogs using your main keyword phrase in the 'name' section of the comment. Note that not all blogs will allow you to put a keyword phrase in the 'name', if they won't simply use your own name.


Look for forums that allow you to use a live link signature and comment often on the forum, but don't manipulate the forum. Be a serious contributor. Make comments and offer useful information that will help other readers.


Don't spam blogs or forums with useless unrelated commenting. A quality forum will delete spammy comments. Instead be genuine, join in conversations with real useful information.


Write Articles


Articles are still one of the best ways of generating backlinks, even today. But again, the articles have to be of a quality nature. Article spinning and using PLR (private label rights) content ineffectively won't help you.










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