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Instant Niche Emails

Instant Niche emails is a software tool developed by Lisa Preston that easily creates a year's worth of emails for any niche market.

This product is a time saver, easy to use, gets high customer ratings, and has improved my online sales.

What's not to like!

Imagine if every new subscriber you added to your email list could bring you a new commission.  Are your subscribers doing that for you now?  Probably not, mine weren't.  

It takes a lot of time and skill to create emails that sell, that don't sound phony and won't lose readers. 

Instant Niche Emails substantially helped me improve my sales and profits by actually helping me create emails that connect with my readers better.  That's because the emails are designed to capture your personality and your brand. Your emails will sound like you and not some cookie cutter email template that bores readers and frustrates them with high pressure sales talk.

These are not messages that will sound canned or duplicated. Your content will be specifically tailored to your niche topic

The real beauty of these emails is that you can have several months worth of emails set up in about a day, maybe two at the most.  It took me longer than that to write just 2 or 3 emails for my list ...and they didn't sound nearly as good as my emails created with Instant Niche Emails.

If  you're using an email autoresponder whereby you can create follow-up messages the Instant Niche Email system can set up a year's worth of email correspondence in just a few hours. Lisa's step-by-step system is designed to do this quickly and easily. 

The pressure is off you, no more writers block or wondering if your emails will be effective  :-)

If you've got a niche website or blog and you're not sending continuous  follow-up marketing messages to your web visitors, you're losing money.   

Email marketing, done right, is still the most effective marketing strategy for making sales online and Instant Niche Emails just makes it easier and faster for you to get your emails created without having to worry about what to say or how to say it.

If you were to pay a freelance writer to write your emails you could pay upwards of $400 or more.

The product testimonials are a good indication of how much users have benefited and love this product.


New Components Recently Added to Instant Niche Emails

Lisa has recently added 2 new components to the software package that includes how to create Instant Blog Entries, Instant Podcast Outlines and a nifty template you can use to create your own instant original (18-25 page) special report and 9 articles!

This is absolutely a great product, it will save you time, money and stress!  Highly recommended!

Author/Creator: Lisa Preston

Product Type:  Software

Price: $117

===> Visit the Instant Niche Emails, review how this time saving, sales driven product will create effective niche emails for your business saving you the frustration of not knowing how to market to your list and losing sales.







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