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How To Choose Your Email Autoresponder

Your email autoresponder is the tool that will help you create a targeted email list. 

It will also help you with managing your list and analyzing what emails get opened and which subscribers never open your emails.

Here are the basic, yet most important features for how to choose your email autoresponder and make sure your emails get sent, avoid spam accusations and keep you in touch with your subscribers automatically.

1. Don't Choose a Free Email Autoresponder

Free autoresponders often get labeled as spam by many internet service providers which means your emails aren't likely to get delivered.   

They are also notorious for losing messages, and it's also impossible to know whether your list received their emails.

You'll be a lot more vulnerable to spam complaints which will put you at risk with your hosting company, and your website could be shut down.  It's just not worth it. 

Email autoresponders like Aweber for example, are not expensive and they're in the email industry which means they comply with all spam laws and they are well known among the Internet service provides which means your email send rate will be much higher.

2.  Look for personalization features

This will allow you to personalize your messages such as addressing your viewers by name, providing dates, customizing your signature and other personalization features.

3.  Look for SPAM Checking

Your message won't be delivered if it contains words, or characters that mail systems consider SPAM. Your autoresponder must be able to check your emails for 'spam' and help you with how to adjust your emails so they will actually get sent and not get thrown out for being spammy.

4.  In-House or Remote Service?

I personally prefer a service that is remote.  In other words I can access the service from any where or any computer.  If you're using a autoresponder software that you buy, you run the risk of losing it should your computer fail or you don't do backups and it's not accessible from anywhere.  

5.  Great customer service

 As a business owner I rely a lot on good customer service. I have to be able to contact someone I need help, no matter what time it is, and you need more than an email address to contact someone.  Look for an autoresponder that has a real contact phone number, live chat and a support forum.

6.  Import and export

There may be times when you'll need to import and export your email names and addresses to a file. A good email autoresponder will have this feature.

7.  Look for Unlimited Follow Up Messages

A good autoresponder should allow for unlimited follow up messages at no additional cost. Messages should be able to include HTML or plain text.

8.  Look for Unlimited Campaigns

Your email autoresponder should allow for unlimited campaigns at no additional cost. Each campaign should include unlimited auto responses and follow ups.

9.  Unlimited Broadcasts & Newsletters

Look for unlimited broadcast and newsletter messages at no additional cost.







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