How To Write A Useful Product Review

Knowing how to write a useful product review takes more than writing a simple summary of the product.   A reader need to know the precise detail what the product is, if it fits their exact needs, how it works and the real benefits.

These are 8 points I use to write a product review that clearly depicts what the product or service is, who stands to benefit the most from using it, and if it does what it claims. 

1. Describe the Product/Service

Describe the product or service in detail.   Describe things like size, color, weight.  If the product is a book or course, how many pages is it?  What topics does it cover?  What’s the format of delivery, is the product delivered to your door or is it online?  What accessories are included.  One thing I like to do is add a quote or an excerpt you especially liked from the course or ebook and add it to your review.

If you are reviewing a service, is it what you expected?  How’s their support? What’s the overall value the service offers?

2. Describe Your Buyer

Not every product is suited for every buyer, so really think about what the ideal buyer would be looking for and describe that person in your product review.

A good example might be a teeth whitening product that is not recommended for sensitive teeth.  Someone with sensitive teeth would not well suited for this product so mention that.

Another example might be a self study course that has specific prerequisites.

Be sure to note that.  Someone doesn’t want to find these things out after they buy.

3. Use the Product Yourself

People are skeptical in nature when they read product reviews, so they need proof that you used the product and are speaking from experience.

Use real pictures or videos to help prove that.   If you bought a new coffeemaker that your are reviewing for instance, do a video of using the coffeemaker.  Describe your thoughts as you make the video and demonstrate that it does what it claims to do.

The thoughts, comments and ideas you have as you are using it are unique to you and that’s what a potential customer wants to see.

4. Point Out The Negatives

No product is perfect and since it’s important to be objective, it’s important to point out the negatives too.  It makes your review credible, and a reader appreciates that.   As long as the negatives don’t take away from the overall value of the product, it won’t hurt to mention small imperfections.

5. Every Feature has a Benefit, So Describe It

A product or service can have great features, but if there’s no benefit it’s perceived a having less value.

Benefits include things that save time or money, things that help improve our lives or business or make it easier.

6. Discuss Who’s behind the product

If appropriate I like to add a snippet of information about a product’s creator or why they created the product.  If the company or person behind the product has outstanding credentials and a notable history then it’s not a bad idea to highlight that.

7.  Take the Risk Off The Buyer

The less risk to the buyer, the more likely they are to try the product.  That’s where a money back guarantee plays such an important role.  Emphasize the guarantee pointing out that the buyer has nothing to lose.

8.  Have a Call To Action

Your call to action is your time to ask for the order.  Of course you want your reader to take action, so ask them to take it.

Here are a few ideas of calls to action you can use:

  • I invite you to _______
  • Click here to find out more about _________
  • Don’t hesitate or you could miss out on this amazing offer. Click here now.
  • But don’t take my work for it, click here to find out for yourself

Another way to prompt the click is to take a look at the landing page you are sending them to and give them a heads up of what they can expect.

The bottom Line…

Your product review has to deliver the facts,emphasize the benefits, demonstrate whether or not it does what it claims and how it will improve the life of your customer.

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