Daily Task List Overwhelming? Here’s What I Do!

daily task listDoes your daily task list get overwhelming at times?  Mine does.

There are just so many hours in a day and every day there seems to be an avalanche of new tasks that come up.

Here is a method I use to help organize, prioritize, and take control.   I  call this my “ Five Point Star” method, here’s how it works… [Read more...]

Free Work At Home Webinar – Come Join Me!

Are you someone that has thought about leaving your 9-5 job and are considering working from home?

If you nodded yes or even if you’re just thinking about it, I want to invite you to a work at home career summit webinar that will be featuring eight work-at-home professionals and eight awesome work-at-home opportunities.

Frankly, if you want to get started working from home, this is a no brainer.

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Beware of These Work From Home Scams

work from home scamsIf  you want to work from home online, I urge you to go for it, but also beware of the scams.  

Unfortunately, many people are so desperate to make money that they are being taken advantage of.

Have ever received a “Big Money” offer in your email, saw a poster tacked to a bulletin board or one of those little signs on the side of the road?  Then I can almost guarantee you that it’s not a legitimate offer. In fact it’s probably going to lead you to one of the work from home scams listed here: [Read more...]

Make Money with Your Computer – No Selling Required!

Not everyone wants to have an online business that requires building a website or selling products online. make money with your computer

In fact I have friends that tell me all the time they'd love to make money with their computer but they don’t really want to build a website and do the whole internet marketing thing. 

Just the other day while having coffee, one of my closest friends told me she wouldn't even begin to know where to start when it comes to finding something to sell online yet alone go through the logistics of building a website and then marketing it.  Of course being the good friend I am, I offered to help her get started, but that's just not what she wants to do.  She's a stay at home mom who simply wants to use her computer to do something that she already knows for making money right away.

But that doesn't mean she's out of luck, quite the opposite actually, in fact there are tons of things a stay at home mom, college student, part time worker, disabled or unemployed person can do to make money online and there's no selling required.  I'm talking about offering services like online data entry.  That also includes things like virtual assistant jobs, typist, proofreader, article typing, etc.

If you look around the internet there are tons of online data entry jobs everywhere and you stand to make quite a bit of money doing them but the kicker is that many people looking for these jobs end up finding programs that either don't pay, have no customer support, have no money back guarantees or you find that you simply hate the work that comes along.  Those to me are scams. 

Why take that chance? There are companies that are legitimate, there aren't many, but there's one in particular that impressed me the most and that was Laura Kauth's Online Data Entry Jobs. [Read more...]

Make Cash Fast Online

Freelance Jobs

I'm a successful online 'work at home' business owner so of course I preach the value of having your own business and I try to help as many people as I can do just that, however I know that not everyone has the time it takes to create, start and promote a business of their own.
Many people need to generate cash 'Now'.  [Read more...]