Where to Buy PLR Content for Your Website

Would you like to buy PLR content but need quality PLR?

It’s not easy to find quality PLR content.  Most of the PLR sites out there offer junk. That’s just my humble opinion.

I use PLR on a fairly consistent basis, but I won’t use content that isn’t well written. It’s a waste of my time, money and isn’t worth it to my readers to give them junk.

I’ve purchased PLR from just about every available PLR site our there and the only sites I use now are those listed below.   They are the only PLR sites that consistently deliver quality, interesting well written content. Many of these sites offer graphics as well.

These sites also cover a wide range of topics so I’m never in a bind for where to find content I need for any of my niche sites.

Some of these are subscription based, some offer content you can buy as you need it, and some offer both 😉

Best Resources To Buy Quality PLR Content

All Private Label Content All Private Label Content

Alice Seba and Mila Sidman host the All Private Label content site which has some of the best quality PLR articles and how to guides that span 35 niche topics at affordable prices.  You’ll also get one complimentary access to their private members only forum for one month.  Great deal for the price.

Here’s where to buy PLR content at All Private Label Content


Easy plrEasyPLR content

My good friend and colleague Nicole Dean puts together some of the best PLR articles, reports and ecourses specializing in home/family, moms/kids, internet business/marketing. Her articles packs are professionally edited and are some of the best written at prices you won’t beat anywhere else.

Here’s where to buy PLR content at Easy Plr



Business Content PLR

Sharyn Sheldon Sheldon has been an instructional designer and learning consultant for major corporations for over the past 20 years and her content is leaps and bounds above most other PLR sites out there.  Her content is full of ideas, facts and is written for the blogger who wants variety in their content.

Business Content PLR, in my opinion, provides top notch content providing business coaches,   internet marketers,  and service providers with the highest quality content, but with a price tag that’s super affordable.

Here’s more on Sharyn’s Business Content PLR



Alice Seba, owner of Contentrix has been a quality provider of content since 2006. Alice created Contentrix in response to the demand from business owners that wanted more high value, practical content with private label rights. Contentrix specialize in creating fully-illustrated content and other practical tools that you’ll appreciate and love. I know I do :-)

Here’s more on Contentrix and their fabulous content.



Ronnie Nijmeh of PLR.me hosts this membership site specializing in self-help and personal development private label articles and content.

Each month you get 30 extremely well written articles, 30 inspirational affirmations, 20 inspirational desktop wallpapers that you can be re-branded, sold or given away as a bonus, and 5 PDF documents such as handbooks, reports, guides and worksheets that include graphics and images needed to promote your PLR content.  All in all, this is a superb package with affordable pricing.

Here’s where to buy PLR content at Plr.me


PLR Niche Content

PLR niche content is brought to you by Stephan Everest. They have articles that range from animals and pets to Weddings. I especially enjoy their travel content.  Each article pack comes with quality ready to use graphics too.

Here’s where to buy PLR Niche Content



PLR subscription service.

Bryan Winter is the mastermind behind Infogoround which is a Web 2.0 content generation system.  Provided are 8 topics of interest and 40+ content categories. You’ll also receive over 250 PLR articles and each month you’ll receive 2 plr packages that includes one PLR ebook and 1 public domain book and the corresponding private label sales letters and a professional graphics to correspond with every private label product.

If you can’t find articles on Infoground that you need simply post your request and they’ll have it written for you.

Great service and highly recommended.

Here’s where to buy PLR content at Infogoround


Yummy plr yummyplr

At Yummy PLR Nicole Dean teams up with Arika Lewis to create some of the tastiest PLR.

As the name implies you’ll find cooking related PLR content that you can sink your teeth into.  This is a membership site that provides monthly content in the form of 10 Cooking & Food Articles and 30 yummy recipes.

Membership to the site is limited however they do have article packs that you can grab for a one time fee.  If you have a cooking or cooking related blog or website you won’t want to miss this.

Here’s where to buy PLR content for your website at Yummy PLR

To  Sum Up…

Never use PLR straight out of the box as it’s delivered.  I always add my own ideas, stories, tips and examples when I write. But sometimes I’m just at a loss and I need help. That’s where PLR rises to the occasion.

This is content that will give you title ideas and content that flows.  You’ll get information and ideas that are used in original ways to help you develop an article or blog post that practically writes itself that you can put your name on.

If you’re someone that has trouble with writing from a blank screen and you need ideas and help with getting your content written faster, you need to give PLR a try.

Got questions? Just ask! I’d be happy to help you :-)

Happy content crafting!

Ms. Liz

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  1. Hi Liz, your list is fine for people who are looking for steady supply of articles and are not fussed what the topic is on, but there are alternative options for people who want to pick and choose. You have options like theplrstore.com and plrarticleshop.com for cheaper packs and Tiffany Dow’s plrminimart.com for higher quality articles.

    • Hey Peter, Thanks for the additional choices. The ones I mention are those I’ve used and appreciate for their “quality”. I’ve used the plrstore, for example, but didn’t find their quality quite as good as those I’ve mentioned. But when it comes to content we never have too many choices – right? I will have a look at plrarticleshop and plrminimart and see how they measure up. Thanks so much!

  2. Don’t check out PRarticleshop. The articles listed there are not PLR articles. They are articles ripped off from article directories then sold without the authors knowledge as PLR. I know this because they are infringing on my copyright by selling several of my articles.

  3. PLR Handbook says:

    That was a good brief overview of PLR thanks. I never quite understood how to do it.. I’ll definitely take a look.

  4. Ms. Liz says:

    Hey Jim, You are welcome. Love your site. Keep us posted as to how things go and congrats!

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