What is Bans or Build A Niche Store?

what is bansI’ve just recently purchased BANS – Build A Niche Store site builder, and I’ve already begun building my BANS site.

But what is BANS?

BANS or Build A Niche Store, is a new, very popular,  eBay affiliate store builder that hosts eBay niche products of your choosing.  The eBay auctions are actually displayed on your site.

When people click on the product links from your site they are taken to eBay.  If a purchase is made,  you earn a commission.  With as popular as eBay is you can earn quite a chunk of change every month.

Here’s how it works.

You pick the products that you want to sell in your BANS store, then install the BANS software and it builds a site for you based on the eBay products you select. Any products that you sell from your BANS store you will receive a commission from eBay.

Of course the folks that have built BANS sites claim to be raking in the commissions.

Is this really true?

The only way I could verify that was to try it out for myself.  So I’ve just recently purchased the product and I’ll be creating my first build a niche store as my next project.

Still want to know more about what is BANS?

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting my step-by-step build a niche store review of my experiences with BANS  in my next few posts.  I’ll share with you how I decided on a niche, the installation process, how my site looks and whether or not I make any money.

So don’t run out and purchase just yet, check my BANS review Part I.

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