High Quality Content – What Is It and Do You Have It?

high quality contentWith sites being penalized by Google for not meeting their definition of quality content, you might be wondering…

What IS Google’s definition of high quality content?

Google has clear guidelines.  They’re plain as day on Google’s Webmaster Tools.  You should definitely read them.

But here’s the problem.  Many site owners say they meet Google’s guidelines, yet they still fell in ranking.

If you’re puzzled by your ranking, a good litmus test might be to examine your strategy.

Are you giving more attention to the search engines than to your visitors?   

Am I saying you should simply ignore the search engines?  Not at all.   Always use good Search engine optimization strategies and use them consistently, but don’t put the search engines ahead of your readers.

Since everything online starts with quality content, use the ideas below to develop your content, keywords and links for a better user experience which will in turn improve your rankings.   [Read more...]

How To Create an Impressive About Me Page

about me pageDid you know that one of a sites most visited pages is the ‘about me’ page?

With so many competing websites, blogs and untrustworthy marketers out there readers are first looking to find out about the individual behind the scenes.

That’s why your ‘about me’ page is so important.  To gain your reader’s trust and confidence you need to be open with your personal story, your ambitions, your history, your qualifications and how you or your site will benefit your reader.

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Free Web Traffic Means Producing Consistent Content

It's frustrating when I get comments from readers disappointed because they posted an article or a video and got very little traffic for their efforts. 

Let me stress that you won’t get a ton of readers simply by publishing one good article or even one great video. Free web traffic comes from writing web content on a consistent basis.  The more content you deliver the more familiar readers become with your writing and the more links there are back to your website.

But don't let creating all that content stress you out.  Below I'll discuss easy ways to produce content without creating a stressful workload, but first let's talk about the best ways to create that content that will bring free traffic: [Read more...]

5 Benefits of Using PLR in Your Marketing Efforts

Since I do a lot of writing for my websites and blogs I've seen the benefits of using PLR in my marketing efforts, that's why I asked my friend Tiffany to step in and share some of her thoughts with us on using and benefiting from PLR.  Enjoy ~Ms. Liz ;-)

Tiffany Dow, former Ghostwriter to the Gurus, launched the PLR Minisite where marketers can find a wide variety of niche PLR topics for as little as $1 per page, with no membership required. The site sells articles, email autoresponders, blog posts, eBooks, reports and more!

5 Benefits of Using PLR in Your Marketing Efforts

If you’re new to the world of Private Label Rights (PLR) – you’ve heard of them, but aren’t sure if they’re a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to your marketing – you’ll be happy to hear about the 5 top benefits PLR can inject into your online business in an instant: [Read more...]

Quality Content for Your Website or Blog

Creating quality content for your website or blog has to be a priority.

Just ask any internet business owner and they’ll tell you that poorly written, uninteresting, dull content won’t drive visitors to your website or help you become profitable.

But how hard is it to create quality content?


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Where to Buy PLR Content for Your Website

Have you been looking to buy PLR content but have had a problem with the quality?

It’s not easy to find quality PLR content.  In fact, in my humble opinion, most of the PLR sites out here are junk.

If you want to know where to buy PLR content for your website or blog  that’s quality based, stay with me.

I use PLR on a fairly consistent basis, but I won’t use content that isn’t well written, I have to be able to depend on that,  but it also has to be affordable.  That’s not asking too much.

Since I use PLR quite a bit,  I’ve narrowed down my choices to the following sites, mainly because they consistently deliver quality, interesting well written content,  and many of them offer graphics as well. These sites also cover a wide range of topics so I’m never in a bind for where to find content I need for any of my niche sites.

Some of these sites are subscription based, some offer content you can buy as you need it, and some offer both ;-) [Read more...]

Web Site Content – How To Get It & Keep It Fresh

Content is King. No doubt we've all heard this before.

The search engines are teaching us that in order to attract visitors you must offer useful, fresh, quality web site content that people, as well as the search engines, crave.

One of the best ways to generate web content is to use articles, but let's be honest; finding an article in an article bank, placing it on your site and forgetting about it is not going to cut the mustard in today's online marketing environment.

Remember, we said your web site must offer useful, fresh, quality information. Your site won't qualify by uploading rehashed articles that can be found all over the internet or worse yet, articles that are aging like fine wine on your site. You may get a few visitors at first but overall you risk losing value and credibility with both viewers as well as the search engines.

Good, quality web site content can be summed up as offering useful information that is current and offers new or interesting points of view. There are several ways to accomplish this and writing articles is an excellent way of adding content but if you're not a writer, and believe me most people are not, there are several ways to add content that is not found everywhere, yet will offer a new and fresh perspective.

Here are a few ideas for writing web content that is unique, is useful and holds reader interest…     [Read more...]

Reprint Articles or PLR?

nicole deanIf you've been using reprint articles but want to go the next step without having to completely write your own articles, PLR (Private Label Rights) is an excellent alternative. However there are a few things to consider when using a PLR service. 

Nicole Dean of Easyplr.com has some tips for how to decide what's a better alternative for you along with some PLR considerations…      [Read more...]