Choosing Your Website Color Palette

website color paletteExperts believe your website colors can affect how your visitors perceive your website.  It’s not likely that the colors you choose will make or break the success of your site, but certain colors could possibly sway a visitors buying mood.

So when you’re planning your website, consider choosing website colors that   fit the mood and flavor of  your site’s topic.

For example, here’s a quick run down of how color relates to mood, topics and emotions.

GREEN – Health, Nature and energy saving, and of course money.

RED –   Red is an impulsive, powerful color.  Often used in association with love, passion, romance.  Can also indicate energy, danger, excitement, action and adventure.

BLUE – Calmness and serenity. Blue indicates professionalism and is most preferred by men. Often signifies trustworthiness,  success. It also encourages productivity.  It’s also been known to suppress the appetite.

ORANGE –  Orange incites creativity. It can be aggressive and is used in celebration and excitement.  Orange can also stimulate appetite.  Also a good color for emphasizing a call to action.

PURPLE –  Calming. Used in fantasy.  Often implies royalty, passion,  luxury and wisdom.  Often seen when marketing anti-aging products.   Purple extends a sense of spirituality and encourages creativity.

WHITE – Encourages mental clarity.  Promotes simple and fresh.  Implies happiness, brightness and peace.  Used to describe clean.  Encourages order and being clutter free.

YELLOW –Youth, playfulness and fun.  Mentally stimulating and encourages communication.

PINK – A Feminine fashion color.  Also used for romance.  Often associated with infants and youth.   Pink is a very soothing color and often used to calm aggressions.

BLACK – Decisive, mysterious, unwavering. Can stimulate a sense of possibility or potential.

BROWN – Gives off a feeling of stability and wholesomeness.  Is used in connection with the earth and being natural.  Gives a sense of being orderly.

GRAY – Associated with maturity, security, reliability.  Also associated with loss or depression.

Another thing you can do is take take a look at other websites and examine the colors they’ve chosen.   How do the colors affect your emotions, attitude and decisions about the website?

A few tips when Choosing  your Website Color Palette  

– Be sure to use a high contrast between a page’s background and the text color.

– Pick 3 colors for your website and use them consistently throughout your site.

– Use Contrasting colors when attracting attention.

Resources for choosing How to Combine Colors

– Help for choosing complementary color combinations:

– Hex color codes and coordination guide:

– Color palette generator is a cool tool if you have an image and need to know the best colors to complement it.


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  1. Hey Gerald, you’re very perceptive. I do try to deliver content in a fresh and simple way and thank you for your kind feedback :-)

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