Web Site Content – How To Get It & Keep It Fresh

Content is King. No doubt we've all heard this before.

The search engines are teaching us that in order to attract visitors you must offer useful, fresh, quality web site content that people, as well as the search engines, crave.

One of the best ways to generate web content is to use articles, but let's be honest; finding an article in an article bank, placing it on your site and forgetting about it is not going to cut the mustard in today's online marketing environment.

Remember, we said your web site must offer useful, fresh, quality information. Your site won't qualify by uploading rehashed articles that can be found all over the internet or worse yet, articles that are aging like fine wine on your site. You may get a few visitors at first but overall you risk losing value and credibility with both viewers as well as the search engines.

Good, quality web site content can be summed up as offering useful information that is current and offers new or interesting points of view. There are several ways to accomplish this and writing articles is an excellent way of adding content but if you're not a writer, and believe me most people are not, there are several ways to add content that is not found everywhere, yet will offer a new and fresh perspective.

Here are a few ideas for writing web content that is unique, is useful and holds reader interest…    

– Use Editorials
Editorials are articles written offering a personal opinion. Editorials are often food for thought and invite viewer opinions. Urge guests to your web site to write relevant editorials for placement on your site. You will often get good feedback and comments that keep your site interesting and colorful.

– Have articles written for you
If you're not a writer, don't give up; simply find someone to write the articles for you.  There are tons of great copywriters and website content writers out there begging for work.  In fact you could even place a request on our homenotion forum for an article writer and you'll probably get several responses from writers that visit our forum every day.   If you feel better about using a service, Elance.com is an excellent resource for writing exclusive articles just for you, and it can be done for as little as $5-$10 each.

– If you’re an affiliate marketer, use content articles provided by the merchant
Good affiliate merchant programs will often have content articles that you can place on your site. Not all merchants offer this service, but it's a worthwhile benefit for those that do.

The drawback here is that the articles will most likely be used by other affiliates so they won't be exclusively written for you but they will be limited to only affiliates so duplication will not be as great as coming from an article bank.  These types of articles are typically very informative and you can include your affiliate links within the articles.  This is an excellent way to get relevant, useful content and promote your affiliate links as well. 

Use PLR Content
PLR content or private label rights are hot right now.  Depending on the quality of the content it’s the perfect way to get relevant content and then customize it for your specific writing style.  It’s easier than writing it yourself and cheaper than having it written for you.  

The goal is to find quality content, not junk, I stress that point because with the popularity of PLR …there’s a lot of junk out there, so demand quality or your efforts will be worthless.

– Exchange articles with guest visitors
Invite visitors to exchange articles.  Ask visitors to provide you with an article that you can place on your site or blog in exchange for an article that you provide them.  If you exchange articles in this fashion don't exchange articles that have been submitted to article banks, this helps ensure article duplication is kept to a minimum, it’s also a good idea to keep these article exchanges to a minimum of 50 sites.  

– News Stories
Keep your site up to date with the latest news stories related to your site topic. Use news stories that are relevant, useful and timely. Simply find a news item you wish to use and write a brief 2 to 3 line summary on your site, then include a link to the full story. Remember to keep the news articles recent and relevant.

– Interviews
Depending on your web site topic, find someone that is well known in your topic of interest and ask them to consider conducting an interview with you. Compose a number of relevant, burning questions that many people would be interested in and compose an answer and question interview. You'd be surprised at how many interested viewers you might attract.

– Product or book reviews
If you endorse a product on your web site, go the extra step and purchase the product yourself. Use the product and write a useful review. This not only adds useful, original content, it creates credibility and establishes you as an informative resource.

– Post a forum on your site
This often gets lots of interest because people can post comments, questions, and opinions. It will also keep viewers returning time and time again to keep up on the latest forum entries. It's also an excellent way to make connections and build joint ventures.  But the best part is the content is candid, unique and fresh.

These are only a few ideas for generating articles and content that is relevant and fresh, however there are not rules here, if you put your thinking cap on you could certainly come up with many more creative ideas for getting relevant, interesting content that your site visitors want to read.

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