Hostgator Pricing & Coupon Codes Clarification


Last week I was helping a friend get set up on Hostgator and realized that for such a great hosting service the Hostgator pricing is confusing. 

I got my friend his first month of hosting free with my coupon code, actually for .01, but he wasn’t clear on the monthly pricing.

If you like Hostgator but you’re also confused on their pricing, here’s clarification. [Read more...]

Best Web Hosting for Small Business? Hostgator Gets My Thumbs Up!

web hosting for small business


Don’t jump into web hosting for small business without careful consideration.

I’ve had web hosting providers in the past that were unreliable with poor customer service.  I even had one service go out of business on me, so I’m pretty cautious when it comes to finding a hosting service that I can feel comfortable with.

One hosting service recommended to me a few years ago by several colleagues was Hostgator.  Because of my past experiences I’m pretty careful with my choices but after a few weeks of careful shopping around, I went with the Hostgator recommendation and I’ve been extremely pleased with them every since.

For starters the Hostgator pricing is awesome. I currently have 15 domain names on one account with Hostgator and pay less than $10 a month.  It would actually be less than that if I paid for my hosting a year in advance.  Secondly their support has never let me down. They are there whenever I need them and they fix every problem quickly and to my satisfaction.

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How To Prevent Your Website from Being Hijacked

Did you know that your website could be hijacked and you wouldn’t know it?

In fact your website visitors could be be stolen by other sites that are stealing your search engine rankings. For many this can go unnoticed for months or even years.

Here’s how it works and how to prevent your website from being hijacked. [Read more...]