The 10 Mantras of Writing Web Copy That Sells

web copy that sellsIf you want to write web copy that sells, you have to persuade your readers into believing your offer is valuable and motivate them to take action.

Sounds simple enough, but it’s challenging.

Writing copy that sells is more than simply making a few persuasive statements, asking for the sale and calling it good.

Personally, once I buckled down and made a serious effort to understand and use the conventional wisdom and copywriting principles taught by the copywriting professionals, my copy began to pull in sales.

My main mantra was  – Write Web Copy that Sells.  

You can do the same by applying these 10 essentials…

Wait! Don’t Start Writing Your Copy Yet

Before I really knew how to write persuasive copy I would just sit down and write.

Wrong! This isn’t the way to writing copy that sells.

Before you ever start writing you need to do some preliminary work.  This isn’t complicated or hard to do, but super important because these are the things that will create the foundation for your copy.

1. Know Your Market

Knowing your target market will help you tailor your copy to your customers needs, likes and wants.

If you’re selling baby jog strollers for instance, your market might be young, health conscious, stay at home moms.  What would the needs, habits and likes of this person be?  What things does she avoid?  What does she enjoy or prefer?  Knowing these things will help you tailor your copy so that she feels you understand her.  It’s that personal connection will bring her one step closer to the buy.

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2. Experience your product or service

I don’t know of any way to effectively experience a product or service without using it. I see people try but their experiences are pretty much the same as everyone else’s.  They can’t really bring anything new to the table.

The only way to offer a unique perspective is to use the product yourself.  Then you’ll be able to really look at the product like a consumer and experience the benefits firsthand.  This will give you unique ideas and perceptions that others, who have never used it, won’t have.

3. How is the Product/Service different or unusual?

How would you define the product in just one phrase when comparing it with other similar products? How is it different, unusual, distinguishing or better?  These are things that set products and services apart from the competition, so you’ll want to think about that in some detail and have it on hand to use in your copy.

Start Writing Your Copy

Once you’ve done these 3 things, now it’s time to start writing your copy.

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1. Mention the features but stress the benefits.  Features don’t capture a reader’s attention like benefits do. So for any feature you mention, highlight the benefit.  I mean literally highlight it, put it in bolded letters.

This is also where knowing your audience helps.  You’ll know which benefits capture their attention.

2. Arouse and Hold Interest. This is where your headline will take center stage.  Writing a headline that captures attention will draw your reader in.

Once you’ve got your reader’s attention with the headline, heighten their involvement with colorful phrases, meaningful quotes, interesting facts or useful tips.  This might also be a good time to tell a story, state a bold fact or use arguments or proofs.

3. Be specific.  Be clear with your descriptions and give attention to detail.  Would you rather have a ‘cup of coffee’ or a ‘chocolate caramel latte’?  A ‘piece of pie’ or a ‘fresh strawberry tart’?

If you’re making comparisons be specific there as well. For example,  “It gets  your teeth whiter” (whiter than what?).  “Their service is the best” (better than what?).  “It will make your job easier” (easier than what?).  Give your reader a clear visual of how your product or service compares.

4. Write for easy reading but in the language of your reader.  Avoid using long, run on sentences. Keep your writing short and to the point.  If you want your reader to get through all your copy, it needs to flow logically and smoothly.

Speak the language of your readers.  For example, if you’re speaking to moms, speak language a mom would understand.  If you’re speaking to a business executive, speak professionally. If you’re speaking to teens, be more casual.

5. Touch on your reader’s emotions.  Our buying habits, more often than not, stem from our emotions which are generally triggered by these 6 things:

  • Love – Find love.  Express love. Have more friends.
  • Money – Have more money. Make more money.
  • Beauty – Look better.  Get noticed.  Make an impression.
  • Enjoyment – Having more fun, be better as sports or hobbies.
  • Health – Feel better.  Extend our lives. Be healthier.
  • Status – Have the most….  Be the best…  Have the biggest…

Appeal to any of these things and your reader is likely to buy.  If you understand that your primary goal for writing web copy that sells is to get your reader to say “Yes, I want that“, these are the emotional triggers that will help you do that.

6.  Include a call to action.  Now that you have your reader chomping at the bit to buy, give them a strong call to action.  If you want them to click a link, buy your product, grab your special offer, whatever it is, don’t leave your reader hanging.  Ask them to do what you want them to do.

7.  Edit, organize and revise. Last but certainly not least, make sure your web copy is free of spelling and grammar mistakes.  Make sure your copy is organized in a logical flow by reading through it several times making any necessary revisions.

I personally recommend sitting on your copy for several hours or even a day before doing your final editing and revising.   If you can, I also recommend having someone else give it the once over, a fresh pair of eyes is a beautiful thing :-)

A few final words…

These are the things I’ve learned from my own writing experiences and from the things I’ve learned from some of the best web copy writers I know.  Get familiar with them and put them into practice, because they are the things that will boost your copy to a level of awesome sales potential.



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