Valentine’s Day and 26 Things I Love!

It’s Valentine’s Day!  One of my favorite days of the year :-)

Were nothing without the things we love and the love we share with others.

And of course I’m reminded of all the things I love; here are 26 of them:

  • Jesus, Bible Study and My Faith
  • My Awesome Husband and Very Best Friend
  • My Kids — Hugs and Kisses
  • My Kitties who stick with me through thick and thin and never disagree with me 😉
  • My Online Business and those I’ve helped over the years
  • Affiliate Checks
  • My Amazon Kindle and a good book
  • Swinging in my Hammock on a sunny day
  • My 4 mile walk I do with my friends 5 times a week
  • Chocolate and Port Wine
  • Lunch on the Beach at my favorite restaurant
  • My Keurig Coffee maker
  • Growing Roses
  • Sleeping In on A Rainy Morning
  • Relaxing in a mountain cabin
  • Yellowstone
  • A good thunderstorm
  • Sailing on the Bay in San Diego
  • A Live Symphony Concert
  • Italy
  • A Cheesy Pizza when I’m really, really hungry
  • New Shoes
  • Shopping at Amazon
  • A good romantic comedy
  • Playing Balderdash
  • My house when it’s just been cleaned

…and yes, I love Valentines Day :-)

How About YOU, what things do you love?

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