Using Your Article Without Your Resource Box

Have you ever written an article only to find it's being used on other websites or blogs without your resource box attached?

If you write articles, chances are it's happened to you a time or two.  For me, I found out strictly by accident. One day I was doing some web surfing in my niche and low and behold, there was one of my articles on a blog post with no resource box attached.  Later on I found another one of my articles on another site that only included my first name and had no live links.

So what can you do when this happens?  I'll discuss that in a minute, but first you have to find out who's using your articles. 

Here's a method that I use:

Log in to Google alerts. With Google alerts you can get email notifications immediately, daily or weekly, delivered to your email address based on the keywords you choose.

For example, let's say you write an article about ‘how to write a dynamic resource box'.   In the Google 'Create a Google Alert' box type the exact title of your article in the 'Search Terms' box. 

In this case the search term would be: “how to write a dynamic resource box"
Type is: 'comprehensive'
How often: I use 'once a week'
Deliver to:  your preferred email address

You will need to set up a Google alert for each article you write, however the process is fast and only takes a few minutes to set up.

To manage your Google alerts, login to your Google account.  If you have a Google Adwords or Google Adsense account you can use those login Ids and passwords.

Now you may notice that not all alerts that come to your email will be your article.   If there are other articles that have the exact same title as yours, those articles will turn up as well (a good reason to keep your article titles as unique as you can) but there won't be many. 
So what can you do if your articles have no resource box?

If the offender is a blog post, I simply do a quick reply and mention that I'm the author of the post and suggest they visit my site or sign up for my newsletter or simply include my resource box in the reply.   If it's a standard website I will send a message to the webmaster requesting they include my resource box or take down the article.

Of course, in some cases neither may work.  For example the blog may not accept my comment or the website may not have a contact.  I don't generally find too many of these but if this happens I don't recommend spending a lot of time on this, after all your time is far too valuable to waste on a witch hunt. 

You can however report it to Google; they will remove sites if you can prove your allegations. You can also report the website to their web host requesting that they take action.  For more serious action you could discuss it with a lawyer and then threaten to take them to court, I've found that to be the most effective. 

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  1. Alex Newell says:

    Thanks Liz – this is something that I’ve just experienced.

    Googleing for my keywords I came across a blog on the topic and yes, one of my articles – fine but NO resource box – that I had posted at ezinearticle.



    • Hey Alex, it’s a little disheartening isn’t it. The unfortunate thing is that most people who write articles will experience this. I’ve become a little use to it, however I don’t let it discourage me from writing, articles can still be a great way to get noticed, they’re not going to knock your socks off, but with good keyword optimization they can help a lot.

  2. Juliet Johnson says:

    Hi Liz, thanks for the reminder on this. I have set up some alerts, but not one for every article I write. I’ve found a couple of mentions without my resource box, and have contacted the offender, but often nothing comes of it.

    Not sure I’ve the time to threaten legal action or the inclination.

    It does make me wonder if there might not be a clever way to work my name into the article in some way – higher up than the resource box?

    What do you think?

    • Hi Juliet, that may be a possibility, however I’ve seen people leave off last names as well, but it may be worth experimenting with. I do agree though that it’s not often worth pursuing. Using articles without giving proper recognition is a risky thing to do and if people do it enough they’re likely to run into someone that might have the wherewithall to take them down.

  3. Great post Liz!

    I have also experienced this personally and it’s annoying, but like a pesky bug I just swat it away. It just isn’t worth my time and as you mentioned, it doesn’t happen too often.

    I do think it’s important to get credit for what you write and receive payment (in the form of a backlink) for your efforts, so I may try to implement something on my own sites to try to minimize it for authors.

    I will start using Google Alerts myself. That was a great idea!


    • Hey Roger, I don’t spend too much time at this but it does help to get the Google alerts and see where my articles are being used. If I find an article stealer I generally just shoot them off a message and my articles will come down, which is good. Anyway, I hope it helps you as well :-)

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