Using Pinterest To Promote Your Blog – What I Discovered!

using pinterest to promote your blogAre you using Pinterest to promote your blog?

I haven’t been using Pinterest to promote my blog much, but when looking at my traffic stats  I was super pleased to see that Pinterest has been a big traffic source lately, so I sat up and took notice.

But I discovered a few things along the way that you may want to know  if you’re using Pinterest to promote your blog as well.

When Getting Started On Pinterest

When I first created my Pinterest account I didn’t pay much attention when setting up my boards, but I’ve learned that it makes a lot of sense to create your boards based on the categories of your blog or website. Then whenever you post something to your blog or write an article, you can pin your  images to those boards.

BUT… don’t only pin your own images from your blog posts. Pinterest is social, and like all the social sites, you need to interact, so pin other people’s stuff that you find interesting too.

Also, don’t be dull by being all business.  You might be using Pinterest to promote your blog, and that’s OK, but add some personal boards as well.   Adding personal boards shows that you’re a real person and that’s what visitors want to see.   They want to get a glimpse of who you are personally, that’s how relationships get started.

Using Pinterest To Promote Your Blog – A Problem?

Pinterest is image based so you need an image on the page you are pinning  in order to pin it.  So when you create your blog posts, of course add images.  But I discovered a problem with pinning from my blog and with pinning other blogs.

The Pinterest button on my share bar that you see to the left wasn’t bringing in my post graphics so I could pin it.  Go ahead, try it, the graphic in this post won’t appear.

Hmmm …apparently that’s a problem for several of the sharing tool bars.

Thanks to ahhh-design, they suggested downloading the Pinterest Pin-It WordPress plugin which you see at the top and bottom of my posts.  I added the free plugin and the problem vanished.   My graphics are now recognized using the ‘Pin It’ button at the top.  I left the Pin It option on my sidebar for purposes of demonstration, but I’ll be removing it later on.

You can also install the Pinterest bookmarklet on your browser.  This will let you pin things that don’t have a ‘Pin It’ button on their site.  Get the code here:

And one other thing when posting pins to your boards, add your blog’s URL, that can help increase your traffic.  You can also use hashtags in the description just like you do with Twitter.

What happens when a reader pins your image?

When readers pin your images to Pinterest, it creates a direct link back to your blog. This creates backlinks for your pages, but it also expands your reach by bringing a whole new set of traffic to your blog.

Give your Pinterest boards a boost with images from your blog. This will clue your visitors in on what your boards are about, so use images that are visibly appealing. Now your visitors can pin their favorite images to your boards, but they can also comment on them and share them with their friends and followers.

But don’t only pin your own images from your blog posts. Pinterest is social and just like any other social site you need to interact, so pin other people’s stuff that you find of value too.

Also, don’t forget to  let your visitors and followers on Twitter and Facebook know you’re on Pinterest by going to your Pinterest ‘Settings’ and syncing up your twitter and Facebook accounts.   This will start to bring you some Pinterest activity a little quicker.

You Can Add Your Affiliate Links!

One of the great things about Pinterest is that you can insert affiliate links on your pins. That’s an awesome feature for affiliate marketers and it’s perfectly legit.

You can create product boards and earn cash when people click those links and buy something.

Just go into the “edit” button for a specific pin and replace the direct link to the product with your affiliate link.  Super Simple.

Don’t over self-promote though.   That’s never a good idea anywhere.  Keep an even balance between sharing  your own stuff, repinning and sharing other user’s items.

When you repin, like or comment other user’s items , they’re notified through email of your activity and that builds social awareness and goodwill.

Track Your Activity & Reciprocate

When you first log on to your Pinterest account go to the ‘Recent activity’ on the left hand side and see who’s commented, repinned or liked your pins.  Then take a few minutes to look at their boards and reciprocate with likes, repins and comments.


That will go a long way in keeping activity going and giving others a reason to come back to your boards.

To Sum up…

Pinterest has become incredibly active over the last several months, so it would be silly to pass up the traffic and sales opportunities.

You may be thinking that it’s one more thing you have to do, but it’s actually a lot of fun to use and truly will bring you more traffic. Don’t be  like me, it’s a lot easier than you may be thinking.

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  1. MicroSourcing says:

    It’s a great, organic way of getting back links from a prominent social networking site. It would help if the images are original and that they’re copyright-protected if ever they get shared on Pinterest.

  2. Andrew Reynolds Blog says:

    Hey, nice article. I started a Pinterest account after i was invited by a friend of mine to join. Being very curious about it i signed up and it’s the best thing i’ve done for my blog! It’s not like other social platforms, it’s way better to breeze through when you have an odd moment at lunch break or the evening. I can’t advise you enough – go get an account now!

  3. I’ve been enjoying Pinterest ever since I first registered on it. I only knew that it is a great opportunity for business because you can create a backlink to your website if you pin a photo from it. But the opportunity is even broader than I thought. Thanks for the awesome tips and guide on how to maximize pinterest for business. :)

  4. Short Dresses says:

    Hi Liz, I am have used pinterest to promote one of my blog but unfortunately it didnt help too much, I got 10-20 visitors for once and that was it. I believe that we need to add a lot of images from our blogs in order to get traffic through pinterest. But, some blogs dont have that much images. What Im trying to say that pinterest is only good if you are promoting visuals and images. On the other hand, I am a big fan of pinterest though… I have been waiting for them to create an app for android users and they finally did it…

    • Hi Missy,

      Part of the message here is that you should be using images on your site pages and in your blog posts. When you do that you can post your images to Pinterest and attach your page URL to the image. This will help funnel traffic to your site.

      Also find other related boards and post your image and URL to their boards. That’s also a great way to attract traffic.

      Hope that helps,
      Liz :-)

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