6 Tips For Using Facebook Timeline To Boost Visibility & Traffic

using facebook timelineI’ve found some clever ways for using Facebook Timeline to boost your visibility, and get more traffic.

In fact here are 6 tips for using Facebook timeline to boost your traffic, visibility and your social medial marketing results.

These are  timeline features of Facebook to change or modify your Facebook page.

They’re designed to help you get the attention of your visitors when you’d like to have it 😉

Tip 1. Change your cover photo
Every time you change your cover photo a notification shows up in your followers’ news feed.

Hmmm … maybe it’s time for a new photo 😉 

You don’t have to do this every day, but changing your photo once or twice a month is a great way to attract attention and get your followers to head on over to your page to see what else is new.

Tip 2.  Use the pin-to-top feature.
I really like this feature because it lets you move a specific post or update to the top of your page so that it’s the first thing your visitors see.  You can move things to the top of your page like your latest sales or promotions, contest results perhaps, urgent information or maybe a poll you’re taking.  Similarly you can hide or delete a post the same way.

Here’s where to find the pin-to-top option:


Tip 3.  Add items to your historical timeline.
Every time you add something to your timeline it shows up in people’s news feeds, so do it as often as you can.  For example, if you’ve got a great photo or video that you’ve been thinking of uploading to Facebook or one you’ve already shared, feature it on your timeline.

Tip 4.  Share Your Images Often.
People love to share images, in fact they share them more than text;  just look at how people are using Pinterest, it’s a great example of how photos get shared like crazy.   So definitely include images whenever you make status updates.

Go for the laughter by sharing jokes with funny images, those get shared a lot!  Go for the wow factor by sharing beautiful images like sunrises and sunsets, flowers,  or go for the Awww… by sharing cute images of kids, pets and babies.  You might even get creative and ask your followers to post their images and see which ones get shared the most.

Tip 5. Review and Monitor Your Likes

The Facebook Timeline of  pages you ‘liked’  are now at the top of your Timeline, just under your cover photo.

To review all your likes from each year, just click the ‘Likes’ icon.  The first thing you’ll see are your interests.  To add or remove any of them, use the ‘Edit’ button at the top.  Below that are all your likes from now and previous years.  If for some reason you want to remove any of these you’ll need to click on the page name and then choose ‘Unlike’.

Tip 6.  Limit Your  Use of third-party publishing.
You might be tempted to use third party posting services on Facebook, and that’s OK, just do it occasionally because third party  services prevent the share button from showing up on your post, and that kind of defeats the purpose of using a social network.  Don’t toss out third party posting services all together, but personally make posts yourself as often as you can.

Use these this tips and practice them often.  They’ll help you get more exposure to your Facebook pages, more often keeping more eyes on you :-)



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  1. Magic Webs says:

    Making use of social media sites had been the newest trend in establishing more traffic for one’s site. What better way it is to make use of Facebook as the mechanism to invite people and lead them to your site. As a Facebook user, I never used all of the above mentioned tips yet. But I think of all, I would like to try the “pin-to-top” feature. I think that will better highlight your posts to the audience.

    • Pop-to-top’s a good one, you can keep your most important things at the top which will give them more attention. Thanks for your feedback Magic Webs.

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