Title Tag Examples That Compel More Clicks

Don’t simply write your page’s title tag as a title, use it to help you get more clicks.

Because the search engines use your title tag in their search listings when displaying your site, you should be thinking of it as free advertising.  That means crafting your title tag to command more clicks.

But how can you compel more clicks with your title tag?  Let’s look at these title tag examples:

Start by typing in your favorite keyword phrase into Google and take a look at what comes up.

Which listings get your attention?  Often times it’s not the listing that comes up as #1.

For instance, look at these title tag examples:


Which titles gets your attention?

My immediate reaction was to click on the 2nd and 4th options.  I  chose number 4 because it included the words,  ‘in 30 minutes or less’, it adds urgency.

The second option grabbed my attention because of the words,  ’10 Free Ways. Indicates there’s no sales pitch.

Both listings gave me a more of a  reason to click beyond just ‘ways to increase traffic’.


Title Tag Examples that Compel the Click

Good title tag examples needs to do 3 things:

1. Accurately describe your page

2.  Be relevant to what’s on the page

3. Compel a click  (this is your free advertising)

1. Use your Title Tag to accurately describe your page

Your title tag must contain your keyword phrase.  In fact, for better search engine optimization and ranking, keep your keyword phrase as close to the start of your title tag as possible.

So for example, if your keyword phrase is ‘comfortable travel shoes’,  a title tag example might be:

“Comfortable Travel Shoes That offer style & Comfort”

2.  Keep your Title Tag Relevant

Keep your page’s title  relevant to its content.  For instance, if your title tag says “How to Create a squeeze page’ but the content on your page is really about the benefits of creating a squeeze page, your page is not relevant to the title.

Be sure your title and description are relevant to what’s actually on the page. Yes, Google can tell 😉

3.  Compel the Click

The more  compelling your title tag is, the more readers you will pull in from the search results.   So as you think about accuracy and relevancy also think about how to best grab attention.

This could be to connect emotionally, use authority, be descriptive or create curiosity.

How to write a headline that attracts attention offers 5 strategies for attract attention and getting your content read

But also consider your target market.  A realtor is Dallas will want to create a title tag that attracts people looking for homes in Dallas, so including your location is key element of not only getting clicks but getting the right clicks.

“Find Dallas Homes for Sale with Real Estate Leader”


Say It in 70 Characters or less

The number of characters in your title tag that will display in the search engines is 70, that includes spaces.   If you go beyond 70 characters, they will be cut off, so use those characters wisely.


Your Title Tag Keywords

For aid in better search engine ranking, keep your keyword phrase as close to the start of your title tag as possible.

For example, if your keyword phrase is ‘comfortable travel shoes’,  a title tag example would be:

“Comfortable Travel Shoes That offer style & Comfort”


A Few of My Favorite Title Tag Examples:

San Diego Wedding Photography – This title tag demonstrates authority.


ChrisBrogan.com – Wit this title Chris uses urgency.  ‘Get more followers ‘TODAY’!


In summary…

Use your keyword phrase and browse the search engines for titles that capture your attention.

Then compare your title tag as well as well as your description to what other listings display.  How do you measure up? Does your listing stand out?  Is it providing the added incentive to click?










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