The Power of Using Postscript & Examples

using postscriptOne of the most powerful elements of copywriting is the Postscript or P.S.

Did you know that besides your headline, the postscript is often the very next thing your reader sees. That’s especially true for people who like to scan content, like me 😉

So what does that tell you?  That using postscripts in your articles, blog posts, and even emails are a great way to summarize and drive home the benefits you stressed in your content. It’s also a great place for your call to action.

Not everyone reads through all your copy.  If your headline drew them in, perfect, but beyond that, many people scan.  That’s why bullet points and sub-headings work so well, people scan copy for the highlights. So when they reach the end of your copy a postscript is the perfect place to recap your best points and benefits.

To show you what I mean, here are a few ways to effectively use postscripts.

  • P.S. Just listen to what Mary Jones had to say after just a few weeks…
  • P.S. Using the SEO wonder widget I started seeing sales results almost immediately!
  • P.S. My website traffic from Google is up 100% since I started using this awesome tool!
  • P.S. If you order now our friendly Customer Care Team is standing by to assist you!

Use Your Postscript to Include a call to action

Postscripts are naturally the perfect place to put your call to action.  Besides your postscript being something that reinforces what you’ve said in the body of your content, it  can get your reader to take a specific action.

Here are some examples:

P.S. I almost forgot. I’ve just made a deal with Frank Jones who’s offering an additional 20% off the regular price if you order by Jan 2. Grab it here at this discounted rate before the price goes up again.

P.S.  To claim your free guide, simply click on this link for your no strings download.

P.S.  Don’t forget to apply online at and start your free training right now.

P.S. At this price these items are going fast, so place your order today before they’re all gone.

Powerful Tips for Crafting your Postscript

Depending on the message in your content, use these tips to craft a compelling postscript.

  • Remind your reader of the deal or special offer.
  • Add a time limit or reminder about limited quantities.
  • If you use your signature in your blog post, place your post script after your signature
  • Use phrases in your P.S. like: “By the way,”  “One last thing”, “I almost forgot”, “Remember…”
  • Keep the P.S. to 2 or 3 lines.  Remember, it’s best used as an afterthought or quick recap.
  • Attract attention to your postscript by underlining benefit words, or writing them in a different color
    Also bolding or italicizing certain words adds emphasis.

Postscripts are great parting shots, but make sure you use them with a purpose.



P.S.  For even more great examples of how to use postscripts and start seeing an immediate difference in your copywriting responses, grab your copy of Instant Sales Letters and get The ‘Ultimate Sales letter Toolbox‘ that contains all The Openings, Bullets, Copy-Connectors, Selling Words, Phrases, Guarantees, Closes, and Postscrips You’ll Ever Need To Create Killer Sales copy.

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  1. Hi John, Postscripts may not be appropriate for all your posts, but for those when you want your reader to take a specific action they work well. Thanks for your feedback :-)

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