The NAMS Live Event Was Awesome!

I just returned home from NAMS live event and workshop in Atlanta, actually the event ended August 22, but we extended our trip to visit family in Virginia.

After taking care of a few ‘to do’ things on my list today I’ve finally had a few minutes to download my photos and go over my notes from the workshop. 

And what a workshop it was.  I attended 6 lectures altogether and listened to some awe inspiring talks from people like David Perdew, Kathleen Gage and Terry Dean.

I even had a chance to mingle with a few friends from Lynn Terry’s Clicknewz elite group which I’m also a member of and highly recommend.  Getting to meet people I talk and brainstorm with online is always a good time :-)

But something that really got me excited about the NAMS workshop was having my husband Jeff attend with me. Jeff does not have his own internet business and never really had much of an interest.

I happen to believe that getting out and attending internet marketing seminars like NAMS is important for any business, and Jeff really understood that from attending this event.

Initially Jeff was clueless about what lectures at NAMS to attend, so I made a few suggestions which really got him involved.  In fact, he actually got an idea for a blog, purchased a domain name, found a hosting service and created his blog,  all in just a few hours.

I love that because he’s a perfect example of how easy and quick it is to get a blog set up.  If you still haven’t created your blog yet, Jeff is living proof that anyone can do this.

Now you may have not been able to attend NAMS to get your blog set up but you can download my free guide and get the same instruction right here:

The real exciting thing for me is that Jeff and I can work on our online businesses together.  Gotta love that!

This was my first experience attending the NAMS workshop and I was definitely impressed with how well organized and structured the event was.

Each of the instructors gave superb presentations and shared so many of their personal tips and ideas.  For instance, Nicole Dean was one of my favorite speakers, Nicole offered just tons of excellent tidbits  for getting more traffic.  Things you don’t read about in those stuffy, hard to figure out traffic guides 😉  These were clever ideas that anyone can do.

All the training is presented in such a way that you can apply what you learn right in the workshop.  Personally I learn by doing, so for me the workshop format is perfect.

I’ll be honest, I’m not one to venture out of my comfort zone, and if that’s something that you can relate to, I know how you feel, but one of the great things about a workshop like this is that it helps you connect with others.  It’s like putting your social media efforts in high gear.

The next NAMS event is Feb 10-12, 2012 in Atlanta and I was informed that the cost of the event will be $497, yes, the price went up.  The event is popular so that doesn’t surprise me …BUT if you become a NAMS member you can cash  in on  significant discount rates for the next upcoming live events.

You can become a NAMS member right now for $9.70 a month and get access to things like free webinars, expert interviews, member website reviews, Q&A calls, access to mastermind groups and so much more.  Just use the coupon code: mynams90.  Typically the cost for this membership is $97 a month, so this is a huge 90% savings.

I’m looking forward to the next live NAMS event and workshop, and believe it or not,  so is Jeff.  Even though we have different experience levels, Jeff being the beginner and I’m in more advanced groups, NAMS has something for everyone.   The ideas, strategies and advice you’ll get from NAMS is phenomenal.

I also know that there will be some new speakers invited in Feb, 2012,  I won’t give that away but I’m even more excited to get a chance to meet and hear these speakers.

If you’re at all interested in attending NAMS, I’d love to meet you there.  I can assure you it will be an awesome time.  So get out of that chair and let’s hook up in February.  It will be an awesome start to the New Year and I’m looking forward to it – and to meeting you 😉

Click here for more information on becoming a NAMS member:

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  1. Thanks so much Natasha, Yes, Jeff’s excited about his new blog and being at NAMS has revived us both so we’re cookin’ with gas now :-)

  2. Hey Kayla, his blog is coming along but he’s actually doing a lot of work for me. The workshop showed him the real value of having an online business and since most of what I do is profitable he’s really getting into it. Thanks for asking.

    How’s your biz going?

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