The AWAI Accelerated Six-Figure Copywriting Course – Review

AWAI Accelerated Six-Figure Copywriting Course

The AWAI Accelerated Six Figure copywriting course covers everything you need for learning and applying the copywriting  strategies and to get a good working knowledge of the world’s most effective copywriting techniques and enjoy the financial freedom of being a six figure copywriter.

If you can write like you talk and follow the simple, yet powerful writing techniques, you can learn copywriting.  A well paying career most people only dream about.

And the course only takes a few weeks to go through 😉

I personally enjoy copywriting and do quite a bit of it for my online business, but I haven’t been great at it.  So to really  improve my copywriting skills I thought, why take the course that can give me the foundation and working knowledge I need.  I settled on AWAI because it was great teaching that didn’t cost me thousands. It was affordable and I liked that.

From taking the course myself and following the outline, it was pretty obvious to me that this is definitely not for people that just want to improve their copywriting skills, I mean you could take it for that, I did; but it’s really designed for someone that’s super serious about becoming a career copywriter.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got all of the best copywriting skills under my belt since taking the course, and they’ve paid off pretty well within my own online business as many of my web pages rank on the first page of Google, but if I didn’t love my online business so much and were to actually become a professional copywriter, and I’ve thought about it 😉 this course would definitely take me there.

Here are the skills you’ll have after taking the AWAI Accelerated Six Figure Copywriting Course.

  • Write attention grabbing headlines and irresistible openings. Headlines have to grab attention and your openings have to keep readers reading. With the Awai Copywriting course, you’ll master this technique.
  • Write powerful sales letters. There are actually 4 parts to writing a sales letter that gets reader results, but once you know this 4 part structure and begin using it as demonstrated in this copywriting course, your writing will become more skilled and you’ll be writing letters a lot faster.  That’s why many copywriters can make such great money doing this part time.
  • Be irresistibly persuasive.  Being persuasive needs to convey the right message, you have to say the right things and your writing has to make a perspective buyer take action.
  • Write in an Organized Fashion.  Organization is key to writing well, and the AWAI copywriting course teaches you how to get all your letter writing skills and research organized.  That’s been one of my shortcomings, but now I’ve got a great method in place for organizational writing. It’s made my writing a lot easier and I can write much faster now.
  • Speak to your readers in a way that makes them feel  you are speaking right to them. You can only do that by understanding their emotions, needs, and wants, and you’ll learn exactly how to do that in the most effective way possible.

The AWAI program is entirely hands on. You’ll be writing while you learn.  That  means you’ll be building a small portfolio of copywriting work you can actually use to break into the industry.

But just being able to write great copy and sales letters isn’t the end of the line. Once you finish the course you’ll need to find assignments. There are some tricks to getting your foot in the door and AWAI freely shares those things with you.

This isn’t  a copywriting course that leaves you hanging either.  AWAI gives you a full year to get your writing career on track. And if it doesn’t happen – you pay nothing. You’ll also become part of their AWAI copywriters network and their members only website. No other copywriting course I’ve taken does all of that 😉

The copywriting industry is booming, and as more websites pop up and more selling is done online, more copywriters are needed.  But with so many people trying to get into the copywriting industry, employers won’t consider hiring someone that hasn’t completed an advanced program.  Fortunately industry pro’s recognize AWAI as an industry standard, so if you’ve completed the AWAI copywriting course you’ll be considered one of the best trained copywriters.  In fact, many of the big direct mail companies and retail businesses come to AWAI when they are looking for writers.

Here’s where you can find out more about the AWAI Accelerated Six Figure Copywriting Course. Review why it’s an industry leader and how it can help you create a six-figure copywriting business.

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