Wordtracker vs Google Keyword Tool & How Google Falls Way Short


If you understand that a single keyword can generate more traffic, more customers and more sales for your online business, you wouldn’t guess about what keywords to use.  Instead you’d use a keyword tool that can generate the best keywords for your web pages, right?  That just makes good sense. So what keyword tool should […]

Do It Yourself SEO Checklist

Most online businesses appreciate being able to do things themselves …I know I do. It not only saves me money but I learn a few things along the way   SEO isn't hard; it's just a matter of knowing the key strategies, understanding why they work and putting them into practice.  As soon as you […]

Adsense Tips for Higher Revenue

So what’s the secret to getting Adsense to generate enough income to make it worth your while? Here are a few Adsense tips for higher revenue that have worked for me.