Wordtracker vs Google Keyword Tool & How Google Falls Way Short

wordtracker vs google keyword toolIf you understand that a single keyword can generate more traffic, more customers and more sales for your online business, you wouldn’t guess about what keywords to use.  Instead you’d use a keyword tool that can generate the best keywords for your web pages, right?  That just makes good sense.

So what keyword tool should you use?

There are lots of keyword research tools available, the most popular being the Google keyword tool, primarily because it’s free.  However, as popular as Google’s free tool is, it falls short when it comes to helping me generate more traffic, perform keyword competitor analysis, and increase my profits.

After almost ten years on the web, 3 blogs and 4 websites later, I felt compelled to evaluate Wordtracker vs Google keyword tool.  It was actually on the recommendation of my admired and hugely successful friend Karon Thackston, that Wordtracker would perform much better for me.

I’m now a loyal Wordtracker user and so glad I am because Wordtracker gives me more of what I need to be found online, something I couldn’t squeeze out of Google.

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Do It Yourself SEO Checklist

Most online businesses appreciate being able to do things themselves …I know I do. It not only saves me money but I learn a few things along the way Wink 

SEO isn't hard; it's just a matter of knowing the key strategies, understanding why they work and putting them into practice.  As soon as you start doing them they'll become second nature to you and pretty soon you'll be doing them without even thinking about it. 

So if you've got a website and want to optimize it without hiring a professional or using expensive tools, here's what you need to do …        [Read more...]

Adsense Tips for Higher Revenue

So what’s the secret to getting Adsense to generate enough income to make it worth your while?

Here are a few Adsense tips for higher revenue that have worked for me.

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