Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website And Do It Without Google

drive targeted traffic to your websiteGoogle’s a powerful way of getting free traffic, but with all the Google algorithm changes, and no doubt more on the way, you need more traffic assurance than that.

Why put all your eggs in one basket, right?

These are 3 of my favorite methods for driving targeted traffic to my website without relying on Google or any search engine.

You don’t need to do them all.   Just one method, any one, will start driving more traffic to your site almost immediately. [Read more...]

Is Your Web Page Traffic Finding What They’re Looking For?

web page trafficThere’s an awesome feature of Google Analytics called ‘In Page Analytics’ that’s useful for helping you know what your web page traffic is clicking on.  If you’ve used this tool, you know how helpful it can be :-)

The feature is simple to use and will easily help you determine what your page visitors are looking at, or not looking at.

I can see exactly if my ‘calls to action’ are getting clicks, which ads are getting clicks and if my visitors in general are seeing the content I want them to see.

This is information that’s invaluable for avoiding landing page mistakes and for giving my readers what they want, which is what will keep them coming back to my site.

Here’s how it works. [Read more...]

8 Ways to Create One Way In Bound Backlinks Quickly

These are 8 of my favorite ways to create one way in bound backlinks Quickly.

But don’t feel that you need to use all  8 methods.

All of the methods listed work very well and will start generating traffic quickly, however pick the 3-5 methods that resonate with you the best and use them consistently.

The operative word here is ‘consistently’.

No method works without creating a plan for getting it done and then doing it every day.  So don’t give up, keep at it and you WILL see results :-)


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Get Instant Traffic Generation With These 2 Powerhouse Options

instant traffic generationWant to start getting instant traffic to your blog or website?

Start blog commenting.

Now you may be saying, I do blog commenting but it’s not doing much for instant traffic generation.

That may be because you’re not commenting on the right blogs or your comments are being thrown in the spam bucket.

So let me share 2 easy ways I find relevant, authority blog posts that I can comment on every day without the stress of having to find these targeted, authority blogs on my own.

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Get Website Traffic Fast – 5 Surefire Solutions

get website traffic fastWho doesn’t want to get website traffic fast?  The more traffic you get the better your sales and conversions.

But how do you get fast traffic?

Here are five evergreen ways to get traffic fast to your website or blog and they don’t take a lot of effort or time.
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9 Steps to Increase Website Traffic

steps to increase website trafficDoes your website get less than 100 visitors a day? You could be getting twice that just by following these 9 steps to increase website traffic.

Chances are you’re doing many of these steps already, but adding those that you may have left off could help you see, in just a few weeks, a substantial increase in visitor traffic

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