High Quality Content – What Is It and Do You Have It?

With sites being penalized by Google for not meeting their definition of quality content, you might be wondering… What IS Google’s definition of high quality content? Google has clear guidelines.  They’re plain as day on Google’s Webmaster Tools.  You should definitely read them. But here’s the problem.  Many site owners say they meet Google’s guidelines, […]

How To Create an Impressive About Me Page

Did you know that one of a sites most visited pages is the ‘about me’ page? With so many competing websites, blogs and untrustworthy marketers out there readers are first looking to find out about the individual behind the scenes. That’s why your ‘about me’ page is so important.  To gain your reader’s trust and confidence […]

Free Web Traffic Means Producing Consistent Content

It's frustrating when I get comments from readers disappointed because they posted an article or a video and got very little traffic for their efforts.  Let me stress that you won’t get a ton of readers simply by publishing one good article or even one great video. Free web traffic comes from writing web content […]

5 Benefits of Using PLR in Your Marketing Efforts

Since I do a lot of writing for my websites and blogs I've seen the benefits of using PLR in my marketing efforts, that's why I asked my friend Tiffany to step in and share some of her thoughts with us on using and benefiting from PLR.  Enjoy ~Ms. Liz 😉 Tiffany Dow, former Ghostwriter […]

Quality Content for Your Website or Blog

Creating quality content for your website or blog has to be a priority. Just ask any internet business owner and they’ll tell you that poorly written, uninteresting, dull content won’t drive visitors to your website or help you become profitable. But how hard is it to create quality content?  

Where to Buy PLR Content for Your Website


Would you like to buy PLR content but need quality PLR? It’s not easy to find quality PLR content.  Most of the PLR sites out there offer junk. That’s just my humble opinion. I use PLR on a fairly consistent basis, but I won’t use content that isn’t well written. It’s a waste of my time, money […]