5 Reasons To Write Articles For Traffic

Writing and submitting good articles to article directories, blogs and  newsletters can generate targeted traffic, create quality backlinks and establish your expertise.

Best of all –articles are cheap.  You can write them yourself which costs you nothing or you can have them written for you which can run as little as $10 – $25, depending on the article.

Heck, I’ll even write a great article for you.  It won’t be expensive and it will be good ;-)

But just in case you think writing articles is a dead strategy, here are 5 reasons to write articles for traffic generation.

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Web Site Content – How To Get It & Keep It Fresh

Content is King. No doubt we've all heard this before.

The search engines are teaching us that in order to attract visitors you must offer useful, fresh, quality web site content that people, as well as the search engines, crave.

One of the best ways to generate web content is to use articles, but let's be honest; finding an article in an article bank, placing it on your site and forgetting about it is not going to cut the mustard in today's online marketing environment.

Remember, we said your web site must offer useful, fresh, quality information. Your site won't qualify by uploading rehashed articles that can be found all over the internet or worse yet, articles that are aging like fine wine on your site. You may get a few visitors at first but overall you risk losing value and credibility with both viewers as well as the search engines.

Good, quality web site content can be summed up as offering useful information that is current and offers new or interesting points of view. There are several ways to accomplish this and writing articles is an excellent way of adding content but if you're not a writer, and believe me most people are not, there are several ways to add content that is not found everywhere, yet will offer a new and fresh perspective.

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Reprint Articles or PLR?

nicole deanIf you've been using reprint articles but want to go the next step without having to completely write your own articles, PLR (Private Label Rights) is an excellent alternative. However there are a few things to consider when using a PLR service. 

Nicole Dean of Easyplr.com has some tips for how to decide what's a better alternative for you along with some PLR considerations…      [Read more...]

Writing Web Content for Better Ranking AND More Traffic

Writing web content isn’t like writing for a newspaper or a magazine where your readers are all human.  Writing for the web means you have to appeal to the search engines too.

In fact you have to do both well if you hope to achieve better ranking and more traffic.

So how do you develop web content that the search engines will appreciate and your readers will love?

Start by looking at what makes each of them tick…


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Tips for Using PLR To Boost Your Blogging Potential

Anyone that has a business blog or is thinking about starting a blog knows that it will require you to produce lots of content on a regular basis.

Now you may not like to write or feel you have a talent for writing plus hiring a ghostwriter might not be in your budget, so you’re going to have to figure out a better way. 

That’s where PLR or private label rights articles and e-books come in.  They are an excellent way to explode the power of your blog.
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Writing Articles that Get Read

Writing articles for your online business draws traffic to your site, builds strong inbound links and labels you as an expert, but writing articles that get read and hold the attention of your readers is where many article marketers make mistakes and lose the attention of their readers.

A key point to remember is to write articles that are easy to read. You want to do this for a couple of reasons…  [Read more...]

My Top 10 Web Site Content Ideas

Let’s face it, the search engines are looking for creativity in a website.  That means they don’t want the same old “hum drum” that everyone else has.  They are looking for unique, content driven sites.

But what does that really mean? 

It means that you have to offer unique information, keep it up to date and make it interesting.  Copying articles to your site that everyone else has is ok but to get a leg up on your competition, your articles must be unique to your site; they should really be your own. Topics can be the same, but the content need to be unique.

Keep your site interesting.  Interject your personality.  Talk to your readers, be humorous, let them know you are a real person that can relate to them.  Give them a reason to come back to your site.

Keeping all those things in mind, here are 10 of my favorite content rich ideas that have all worked extremely well for my sites:      

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Duplicate Content Penalty – Myth or Fact?

Is there really a duplicate content penalty?  I say it's more myth than fact and my site proves it.

It caught my attention when I happened to be making some updates to my Homenotion.com website the other day. While adjusting a few things I noticed I had a number of pages with duplicate content.  Yikes!  According to everything I'd heard about duplicate content penalties I jumped on that and made sure I fixed those problems immediately. 

But then I started thinking about what Google says.  Their guidelines state that my site could have potentially been removed from the Google index or my ranking could have suffered, however neither happened.  My site still ranks on the first page of the natural results for all my best keywords and has for a long time.

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