Do It Yourself SEO Checklist

Most online businesses appreciate being able to do things themselves …I know I do. It not only saves me money but I learn a few things along the way Wink 

SEO isn't hard; it's just a matter of knowing the key strategies, understanding why they work and putting them into practice.  As soon as you start doing them they'll become second nature to you and pretty soon you'll be doing them without even thinking about it. 

So if you've got a website and want to optimize it without hiring a professional or using expensive tools, here's what you need to do …        [Read more...]

What Does Being “Professional” Really Mean?

I often hear the word "professionalism" tossed around, but sometimes people think that it simply means looking good, having a great website, products, etc. 

While that's all part of being professional there's also the piece about dealing with others that a lot of people miss. 

Take for example this morning, I was trying to access an affiliate program that I hadn't been on in awhile and for some reason I didn't have it in my affiliate programs excel spreadsheet that I keep, my bad  :- |   So I wrote to the affiliate manager and asked for my password, most programs are automated for retrieving passwords, but this one wasn't. 

Anyway, a few hours later I received a scathing message saying: 

"Do you think I just have all day to look for your password?  Here's your password and stop wasting my time."

"Yikes!" Ok, what do you think I'm going to do with that affiliate program? 

First of all, I'm finished promoting them, actually it wasn't a very good affiliate program anyway.

Secondly, that was not a "professional" response, at all!

Professionalism means responding to customers, clients, colleagues or whoever in a courteous, calm manner.  This means no matter how angry or disturbed with them you are, there's no need to be rude or unkind.

Whenever I find myself feeling angry with someone on the other side of my emails I always start with addressing them by name, I answer their question or comment in a direct, courteous manner and never become emotional and say things that aren't in a friendly tone.

It may be hard to kill them with kindness but it's definitely an example of how to be "professional".

Oh well, thanks for listening to my rants …it's been a tough day Cry

Ms. Liz