An Easy Way To Create Blog Posts Faster

Last week I mentioned that I just created a new blog and also showed you how to create a WordPress blog yourself from scratch. Hopefully you were inspired and have your blog already set up, or at least working on it 😉 Now you need a way to write great blog posts and do it […]

Your Website Structure Counts

One of the things that's important to the success of your website, but often overlooked, is your website's structure. Today the search engines place fairly hefty weight on how your site is laid out, what components are included and your content. Let's start with one of the basic components that easily get out of whack for most […]

Use PLR Articles to Create a Business

PLR means "Private Label Rights" content.  This is content that someone else has written that you can use on your website, blog, e-book, newsletter, whatever you choose. If you're doing business online you probably have lots of PLR articles sitting on your hard drive.  If you do have lots of articles sitting around, or even […]