Using Keyword Themes To Boost Ranking & Deliver More User Focused Content

using keyword themesRemember when you first started writing web content?

Keywords always stood out as the main focus.

They still do.  

But nowadays simply finding a good keyword phrase and using it within your tags and content doesn’t quite cut it.

Today the focus is on keyword themes as a way to deliver precisely what users are looking for and gain search engine recognition in the process.

Even if you’re ignoring the search engines and writing strictly for your readers using keyword themes will actually help you reach both.

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How We Use Keywords In Copy Is Changing – What To Do

keywords in copyGoogle has significantly raised the bar for how we use keywords in copy.

For those that have seen a drop in traffic and sales you’ll especially need to think about making some changes.

As bloggers and website owners we can’t keep optimizing our copy with keyword strategies that are outdated.

We need to get up to speed with doing it right – and doing it quickly to avoid dropping out the search engine rankings altogether.

Here’s how.


The Way We Use Keywords Isn’t So Obvious Anymore

I use to make SEO and keyword changes by simply trying to figure out what others were doing, listening to the experts, and following Google’s recommendations. Those things can help but, sort of.

However there are more things, specific things, that you can do to improve how you use keywords in your copy that others aren’t doing.  These ideas have actually come from getting into the mind of Google. [Read more...]

Using Keywords For SEO – Copywriting Strategy Straight From Matt Cutts

keywords for seoIf you’re still a little, or maybe a lot, confused about how to use keywords for SEO and copywriting, I thought this article by Karon Thackston covering an interview she did with Matt Cutts clarifies pretty well how we should be using keywords and key phrases within in our copy.

What I love most about the article is that Matt is telling us exactly what Karon has been saying all along… [Read more...]

10 Things to Avoid When Localizing Keywords

localizing keywordsFor any website SEO is vital for traffic.

But in today’s web environment, using the right keywords is essential.

A great way to increase your website traffic for a specific topic is to localize your keywords.  This will narrow down the search results and make it easier for you to be found.

Unfortunately stumbling into pitfalls is easier than you might think.

Language is as complex today as it has ever been and when it comes to foreign markets it’s vital that your keywords don’t get lost in translation.

If you are thinking about localizing keywords the following ten things should be avoided. [Read more...]

Adsense Tips for Higher Revenue

So what’s the secret to getting Adsense to generate enough income to make it worth your while?

Here are a few Adsense tips for higher revenue that have worked for me.

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