How Buying an Existing Domain Name Can Give Start-Ups A Head Start

Buying an Existing Domain NameThose starting a new business online often wrongly assume the only way to own a domain name is to register a new one using a domain registrar such as

But the truth is, buying an existing domain name can give your new business venture a head start by giving you a distinct search engine advantage.

The reason for this is that older and existing URL’s are given greater preference compared with brand new domains. With over 90% of all online transactions originating from an online search, having strong search engine visibility is absolutely vital.

Moreover, around the same percentage of search engine users also only ever click on results that appear on page one, so if your business is not found here, is it not likely to ever be found. [Read more...]

Lower Your Bounce Rate With These 7 Tips

bounce rateAre your visitors bouncing off your website like a tennis ball?  If you’re like many site owners, you may not be sure what your bounce rate is.

In fact it’s easy to confuse bounce rates with ‘exits’.  Actually, there’s a clear difference between the two.

Below I’ll discuss the differences and give you 7 tips for how you can lower your bounce rate and keep visitors on your site longer.


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How To Survive Google Ranking Dips

google ranking dipsI had a great question on my last post from Melva who asked,

“How does one recover from Google algorithm changes?”

Unfortunately, if you’ve suffered Google ranking dips from algorithm changes, it’s not easy to recover.

However, I say stop worrying about it.

You could chase Google all day long trying to figure out their algorithm, then drive yourself crazy keeping up with their changes so you can maintain your search engine ranking. Frankly, I think it’s a poor use of our time.

As long as you practice good, sound search engine optimization strategies, just wait, chances are your ranking will come back with the next algorithm change.   It’s like a crazy roller coaster ride.

But who can wait for that to happen?   Nobody!  Waiting for Google to come to their senses and realize you have a great site is a little silly.

So what should you be doing? [Read more...]

Books I’m Reading That Inspire Me

Since getting my Kindle last Christmas, I’ve been getting a lot more reading done. There’s a lot to be said for large fonts and not having to turn pages. The only thing it needs is a back light.  I can’t read it in the dark  :-(

Anyway here are a few of the books I’m reading that have inspired me but  I think they’ll inspire you as well. [Read more...]

How to Set Up An RSS Feed & Increase RSS Subscribers

If you’re not a fan of email marketing, you’ll want to use an RSS Feed so that your followers, fans and readers can easily access your blog content and posts.

Here’s how to set u an RSS Feed and Increase your RSS subscribers at the same time…

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6 Internet Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

We all make internet marketing mistakes  and some mistakes are less costly than others but if your online business depends on traffic and sales, these are the mistakes you simply can’t afford to make.

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Building Customer Loyalty On The Web

How do you build customer loyalty on the web?

How do you get customers to come back to your site time and time again even when you make mistakes?

How do you get them to tell their friends about you?

By dedicating your business to customer satisfaction. [Read more...]

Natural Link Building – 4 Easy Strategies

Are you building links to your website naturally or artificially?

In all reality you’re probably doing some of both, but natural link building is where you stand to benefit the most.

What is natural link building versus building links artificially anyway?


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