9 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid & Fix Now!

email marketing mistakes to avoidRegardless of what you’ve heard, email marketing is still a top marketing strategy.  You can personalize your messages, tailor them for certain individuals and make special offers to subscribers.

However, as effective as email is, it’s not effective if you’re making obvious email marketing mistakes.  There’s no sense in sending email if it’s not getting opened or doesn’t get delivered.

Here’s a list of the most common and overlooked email marketing mistakes to avoid so you get the most out of using email.

9 Common and Often Overlooked email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

To give you some examples, I chose 9 of the most common mistakes I’ve encountered with my email marketing list that’s helped me not only boost my open and click through rates, they’ve helped me increase sales simply by creating trust with my subscribers. [Read more...]

Best Email Autoresponder Service? Absolutely!

email autoresponder service
What’s the most used, most trusted and most recommended email autoresponder service?

Aweber of course.  Why?

I can’t speak for everyone but these are the reasons I chose Aweber and why I’m still a loyal customer today.

  • It came highly recommended, simple as that :-)
  • Aweber is a web based service, there’s no software to install or data to keep track of, Aweber does it all for me.
  • It fit within my budget.
  • Aweber is a recognized industry leader and voted favorite by its customers and critics.
  • Aweber is CAN-SPAM compliant – my emails won’t get blacklisted.
  • My emails get delivered. I can’t say that about any other autoresponder I’ve used.
  • Aweber stays on top of the latest email marketing trends.
  • They offer free training and suggestions and clever ways I can improve my email marketing efforts.  Every time I implement a new suggestion, I boost my email subscriber rate ;-)
  •  Very reliable customer service and support. They offer instant chat, email or phone support. They are available and responsive whenever I need them and it’s free. [Read more...]

4 Ways to Get More Sales from Your Email List – Without Being Pushy

more sales from email listWhat are you doing to get more sales from your email list?

If you’re simply routinely emailing your subscribers, you’re not doing enough.

Here are 4 ways to get more sales from your email list naturally using targeted opt in email marketing that has the potential to boost your sales without being pushy.

[Read more...]

How To Turn Your Email Subscribers into Buyers

Do you ever get frustrated with how to turn your email subscribers into buyers?

As an internet marketer myself I’ve had good luck with email marketing, but I’ve also paid close attention to the things that make email marketing work.

In other words there are “givens” when it comes to turning your email  subscribers into buyers and these are 6 things that can make a difference, regardless if you have 10 subscribers or 10,000.


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How To Create a Targeted Email List

targeted email listHaving a subscriber email list for your business is a good thing, but do you have a targeted email list.

What’s the difference?

A targeted email list is   list of subscribers interested in exactly what you have to offer as opposed to subscribers that aren’t sure of what they want.

Are you targeting the right people?

Most websites with an opt-in subscriber list focus on achieving large numbers of subscribers, but that should never be the goal.

You want to attract people searching with a purpose. [Read more...]

Email Marketing Effectiveness And Big Benefits

email marketing effectiveness

Is Email marketing still effective?

In this time of search engine changes, particularly with Google, email marketing remains a much more reliable and effective way of marketing.

“Stop relying on the search engines for traffic and sales.  Leverage the subscribers and followers you already have with email.”

With email it doesn’t matter what the search engines are doing, you can simply go around them by building an email list and using it  as a resource for connecting with customers and making sales.  I actually prefer that.

Email marketing effectiveness depends on how it is used and your intentions for how to use it. It is still effective and offers big benefits but if your intentions are solely to make a sale, you may be sorely disappointed.

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8 Ways An Opt-in Email Marketing List will Boost Business

Opt-in email marketing is a great way to boost business without depending on the search engines.

If your sales have dipped because you’re having trouble ranking well in the search engines, don’t lose hope.   Here are 8 ways an opt-in email marketing list can boost business by helping you attract more targeted traffic, build customer confidence, loyalty, increase sales and so much more. [Read more...]

6 Hot Tips I Use to Build My Email List – For Free!

It doesn’t cost me a thing to build my email list and there hasn’t been one single thing that’s brought me more sales, including paying for them, than having my own an opt-in email list.

But what’s even better is I’ve never paid a penny for any of my email subscribers and I don’t suggest that you do either.

Start by learning how to create a targeted email list and then use these 6 tips to drive subscribers: [Read more...]