Best Email Autoresponder Service? Absolutely!

email autoresponder service
What’s the most used, most trusted and most recommended email autoresponder service?

Aweber of course.  Why?

I can’t speak for everyone but these are the reasons I chose Aweber and why I’m still a loyal customer today.

  • It came highly recommended, simple as that :-)
  • Aweber is a web based service, there’s no software to install or data to keep track of, Aweber does it all for me.
  • It fit within my budget.
  • Aweber is a recognized industry leader and voted favorite by its customers and critics.
  • Aweber is CAN-SPAM compliant – my emails won’t get blacklisted.
  • My emails get delivered. I can’t say that about any other autoresponder I’ve used.
  • Aweber stays on top of the latest email marketing trends.
  • They offer free training and suggestions and clever ways I can improve my email marketing efforts.  Every time I implement a new suggestion, I boost my email subscriber rate ;-)
  •  Very reliable customer service and support. They offer instant chat, email or phone support. They are available and responsive whenever I need them and it’s free. [Read more...]