The 10 Mantras of Writing Web Copy That Sells


If you want to write web copy that sells, you have to persuade your readers into believing your offer is valuable and motivate them to take action. Sounds simple enough, but it’s challenging. Writing copy that sells is more than simply making a few persuasive statements, asking for the sale and calling it good. Personally, once […]

How To Create Special Reports For Your Online Business


Thinking about creating a special report for your online business? Smart Move!  Special reports improve traffic, label you as an expert and can help sell or promote your products or services. That’s what you want!   Now all you need to do is get it done. Here are ideas on what you can do with […]

Want to Know Your Unique Competitive Advantage? Buy Some Toothpaste

By Karon Thackston Why did you pick the toothpaste you use? Were you looking for whiter teeth? Fresher breath? Help with sensitivity? Tarter control? It’s pretty unlikely you just walked down the isle at the store and swiped one off the shelf without thinking. There is almost always a reason for using a particular toothpaste […]

The Power of Using Postscript & Examples

One of the most powerful elements of copywriting is the Postscript or P.S. Did you know that besides your headline, the postscript is often the very next thing your reader sees. That’s especially true for people who like to scan content, like me 😉 So what does that tell you?  That using postscripts in your […]

Avoid These Landing Page Mistakes That Cost You Sales

If your site’s losing sales, it could be your landing page.  Make sure you’re not making these 5 landing page mistakes that could be costing you valuable sales. The 5 Biggest Landing Page Mistakes that Cost You Sales By Karon Thackston It seems to be the newest catch phrase.  “Landing page” is now used to […]

Writing Your Ebook – Finding Time and Focus

Here’s a great question sent in by Carol: Hi Liz, I spend time writing content for clients but feel like I am in a j.o.b. since I am still trading time for money. Would love to be able to have more passive income from writing my own ebook and affiliate marketing but don’t know where/what […]

How To Create an Ebook – Getting It Done!

If you have a talent, skill or information others would love to tap into, then it’s time to put that to work for you and learn how to create an ebook. Creating your own ebook is an awesome way to make money on the web and it offers some great passive income benefits. But how hard […]

An Easy Way To Create Blog Posts Faster

Last week I mentioned that I just created a new blog and also showed you how to create a WordPress blog yourself from scratch. Hopefully you were inspired and have your blog already set up, or at least working on it 😉 Now you need a way to write great blog posts and do it […]