The 10 Mantras of Writing Web Copy That Sells

web copy that sellsIf you want to write web copy that sells, you have to persuade your readers into believing your offer is valuable and motivate them to take action.

Sounds simple enough, but it’s challenging.

Writing copy that sells is more than simply making a few persuasive statements, asking for the sale and calling it good.

Personally, once I buckled down and made a serious effort to understand and use the conventional wisdom and copywriting principles taught by the copywriting professionals, my copy began to pull in sales.

My main mantra was  - Write Web Copy that Sells.  

You can do the same by applying these 10 essentials… [Read more...]

How To Create Special Reports For Your Online Business

how to create special reportsThinking about creating a special report for your online business?

Smart Move!  Special reports improve traffic, label you as an expert and can help sell or promote your products or services.

That’s what you want!  

Now all you need to do is get it done.

Here are ideas on what you can do with special reports, topic ideas and help with formatting your report as well as free products to create your report quickly. [Read more...]

Want to Know Your Unique Competitive Advantage? Buy Some Toothpaste

karon thackstonBy Karon Thackston

Why did you pick the toothpaste you use?

Were you looking for whiter teeth? Fresher breath? Help with sensitivity? Tarter control? It’s pretty unlikely you just walked down the isle at the store and swiped one off the shelf without thinking. There is almost always a reason for using a particular toothpaste because each one carefully broadcasts why you should buy theirs right on the side of the box.

While there are now a couple of toothpastes that offer to do it all, most profess a single, unique competitive advantage (UCA). They do one thing and they do it very well. It makes it extremely easy for people to choose the right one for them.

Take note because that’s also all it takes when you’re creating a UCA: ONE way you’re different or better than your competition. Not a dozen ways, not four ways . . . just one. [Read more...]

The Power of Using Postscript & Examples

using postscriptOne of the most powerful elements of copywriting is the Postscript or P.S.

Did you know that besides your headline, the postscript is often the very next thing your reader sees. That’s especially true for people who like to scan content, like me ;-)

So what does that tell you?  That using postscripts in your articles, blog posts, and even emails are a great way to summarize and drive home the benefits you stressed in your content. It’s also a great place for your call to action. [Read more...]

Avoid These Landing Page Mistakes That Cost You Sales

landing page mistakesIf your site’s losing sales, it could be your landing page.  Make sure you’re not making these 5 landing page mistakes that could be costing you valuable sales.

The 5 Biggest Landing Page Mistakes that Cost You Sales

By Karon Thackston

It seems to be the newest catch phrase.  “Landing page” is now used to describe everything from an ordinary Home page to any other page of your website.  And, truthfully, it could be… with one exception.  If you ask me, a landing page is any page designed specifically to receive the visitors who click to that page from some prearranged campaign.  In other words, visitors don’t land on the page by accident: they click there because they’re following instructions from an email, banner ad, PPC ad, bio in an article or any number of other sources.

Why then do so many landing pages fail miserably?  Most often, it’s due to one of five errors.  And, thankfully, all five are easily fixed. [Read more...]

Writing Your Ebook – Finding Time and Focus

writing your ebookHere’s a great question sent in by Carol:

Hi Liz,

I spend time writing content for clients but feel like I am in a j.o.b. since I am still trading time for money. Would love to be able to have more passive income from writing my own ebook and affiliate marketing but don’t know where/what to focus on and how to find the time to work on them.


When you’re working for someone else, in this case, writing for clients, it can easily become a chore, and it won’t take long before you stop enjoying what you’re doing, and it just becomes a way to make money.

When you feel like that, it’s time to put your talent to work for you and focus on writing your own ebook.

But you need money, so you can’t simply just stop everything to work on your book, right? [Read more...]

How To Create an Ebook – Getting It Done!

how to create an ebook

If you have a talent, skill or information others would love to tap into, then it’s time to put that to work for you and learn how to create an ebook.

Creating your own ebook is an awesome way to make money on the web and it offers some great passive income benefits.

But how hard is it to create an ebook?

Not as hard as you may think and today there are just no excuses.  You don’t need to find a publisher to approve your book because you can write it, publish and promote it yourself.  It’s more doable than it’s ever been.   But believe it or not, most ebook writers never get their books published, or even completed for that matter.

Why Not?

There can be lots of reasons. People often don’t know how to get started.  They have trouble finding time and focus, they don’t have the right tools or they let stumbling blocks get in the way of completion.

If that sounds familiar, use these steps to help you get serious creating your own ebook.

[Read more...]

An Easy Way To Create Blog Posts Faster

create blog postsLast week I mentioned that I just created a new blog and also showed you how to create a WordPress blog yourself from scratch.

Hopefully you were inspired and have your blog already set up, or at least working on it ;-)

Now you need a way to write great blog posts and do it fast.

Blogging requires content on a regular basis, and it’s always better if you write your own posts, but not everyone enjoys writing or has the time.  That’s OK.

There’s still an easy way to create interesting, useful blog posts without writing them entirely yourself or coming up with ideas on your own.

Here are some awesome resources for creating blog posts faster helping you connect with your readers and encourage return visitors.

[Read more...]