Blog Post Checklist for Publishing and Sharing


In my last post on  how to write a blog post, I shared my method for writing a blog post. Today I want to add to that a handy blog post checklist that will help make  sure you don’t miss any of the blog writing  steps. I’ve also included additional post checklist steps for publishing, sharing and […]

8 Easy Blog Post Ideas For Busy Bloggers

Having a tough time coming up with blog post ideas? Let’s change that. It’s not that difficult to find blog topic ideas if you have a strategy for finding them. Here are my simple strategies for quickly finding blog post or topic ideas that you can write about for many months to come.

Got Lots of Blog Comments? Here’s How to Know If They’re SPAM

John Sutton of: asked a great question…  I have 230 blog comments on my blog, but I’m not sure what to do with them. Regards, John If you’re a blogger, getting lots of comments can be beautiful thing, but not all blog comments are worthy of being approved. So how do you know what’s a worthy comment and what’s SPAM? 

Guest Post Byline Tips And Ready to Use Templates

No doubt, your guest posts are helping with links and traffic, but what about your guest post byline? Is it working as hard as your content?  Are you getting the full potential out of your byline? Don’t simply create a guest post for the sole purpose of getting inbound links and call it good.  Use […]

Two Key Things When Blogging For Profit

If you’re a blogger and you want to make money with your blog you have to do the things that will earn you money, right? But what are the things that will help you profit from your blog? There are actually two key things going on when blogging for profit, in fact they are the […]

3 Free WordPress Plug-Ins That Protect & Optimize

I don’t like to load my WordPress blog down with unnecessary plugins, but these are 3 free WordPress plugins that I consider necessary because they protect my blog from intruders and keep it search engine optimized.

4 Awesome Tips that Will Make You a Better Blogger

Guest Post by Lucia Smith Blogging – you can either call it a medium for communication or a platform for expressing your creativity. However, you can’t deny that it is actually a platform that allows you to express, impress, and influence at your powerful best. Blogging, without a doubt, can immediately help you to connect […]

How To Write Blog Posts That Aren’t Sucky

How do you write blog posts that your visitors won’t find dull but will read, connect with and pass on? Most bloggers don’t really know, they just write. From my experiences it’s a lot about developing a blog writing style that isn’t like writing for a newspaper, magazine or even writing articles. From having 3 […]