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I want to share with you the tips, tools and resources I depend on for content marketing, blogging, social media success and ultimately great profits.

From my blogging experience creating awesome, traffic pulling, sales generating content is best done if you remember a few key elements and use the tools that build success.

These are my best tips, suggestions, guidelines and content marketing resources.

If you need help just ask. I’m here for you :-)

2 Important Elements of Great Content Marketing…

1. Every piece of Content You write Needs a Purpose.

There should always be a purpose to what your write and in content marketing that’s important. So when you sit down to write an article or a post for your blog, what’s the purpose?

Your content could serve any one of the following purposes:

  • Search engine food – Creating content directly related to the topic of your blog and what your readers are looking for.
  • Get people talking – Content that gets people talking and is likely to get shared a lot.
  • Pre-sell a product or service – In other words help your reader make a buying decision.
  • Boost your email opt-in list. Offer information that whets the appetite of your reader so they feel compelled to opt
    into your email list.
  • Build relationships. For example teach your readers. This helps build great relationships with your readers because you are helping them accomplish something. Free information and help is always a great relationship builder.
  • Sell a product. If you have a product or service you are selling your content could serve as a way to explain or demonstrate how your product or service can be used to benefit your customer.
  • Establish your expertise. Content is a perfect way to demonstrate to your reader or customer that you know your stuff.

2. Always have a call to action

Your content should always give your reader a call to action. This could be as simple as asking for a comment on your blog post, requesting your reader to subscribe to your newsletter, click a link or be as bold as asking readers to buy your product. Whatever it is, give your reader some action to take.

People love direction. They don’t mind being asked to do something if the request is reasonable. That’s where your content comes in. If your reader can see the benefit in taking your call to action and ensure there’s minimal risk, they certainly won’t mind doing what you ask.

Know and Understand your Audience

If you don’t understand your audience you aren’t likely to sell them a thing. Sad but true.

It’s super important to really understand their desires, pain, fears, likes and dislikes. This is how you will better connect with them which is how you will ultimately sell to them. If you don’t know them you can’t relate to what they want what they need or how they feel.

Here’s more on how to know your market.

Generating Endless Content

Generating endless content takes planning. You can’t come up with great content each and every day if you don’t plan it out.

When Oprah had her daily show she didn’t start her day deciding what the show would be about. She had to plan it out months in advance.

Your daily or weekly content won’t be as complicated as the Oprah show but it does require planning if you want to generate good content on a consistent basis.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing one blog post a day or one a week or writing guest posts or articles. Plan out what you’rte going to write, when you’re going to submit it and how often.

Here’s some help with generating content ideas.

Adapt a Friendly Writing Style.

This is the internet. It’s a casual, friendly environment so your content doesn’t need to be written like a PhD. dissertation. Write the way you speak. Let your writing reflect your personality.

Are you funny, serious, emotional, caring or a little bit on the sarcastic side? Whatever you are let it reflect in your writing. Your readers will feel more comfortable connecting with you.

Choose “you” instead of “I” or “we”. Ask your readers questions and instead of saying things like, “I love it when,” say, “Don’t you love it when?” Whenever possible, always turn things around toward your reader.

Of course remember that you have only a few seconds to catch your reader’s attention so if they’re going to stick around you need to write with a style that is interesting, offers useful information and is easy to read. Keep your ideas clean and to the point. Never drone on or preach to your readers.

Here’s more on developing your own writing style.

The art of Persuasion and Conversational Selling

I love copywriting and I’ve learned to apply many of the copywriting concepts directly to my content marketing but you have to be careful there.  You don’t want to come across as a used car salesman.

It’s selling without being salesy.  Not always so easy.

To help you perfect your persuasion techniques and hopefully help you sell a lot more, here are a few key things I want you to remember…

Pre-Sell Don’t Sell. The best and most effective way to sell with your content is to warm up your reader so they are receptive to the sales pitch you’re making. Pre-sellling is about providing valued information and being objective rather than pitching a sale.

Help your reader make the buying decision by answering key questions your reader may have. Of course to effectively answer those questions you have to know your target audience well enough to anticipate those questions.  That’s why knowing your customer is so important,

Include your opinion. Don’t be generic. Generic content produces generic results.

You’ll definitely be more convincing if you have a strong opinion but also back up your opinions. Never worry if people don’t agree with you; your target audience will appreciate your opinions, particularly if they’re backed by supporting evidence and strong arguments.

Be passionate about your topic. Not all topics are naturally exciting, but show some interest in what you have to say. Your enthusiasm will be contagious to your readers.

Creating Winning Headlines

Headlines are critical because they are what your reader uses to determine whether or not they will read your content, so they need to be compelling and fill a need your reader is looking for.

Here’s some great help with writing great headlines as well as headline examples you can use right now.

Writing your intro paragraphs

Your post or article introduction is what will keep your readers reading, so it’s important to use a good lead in.

I would always struggle with what to write as a lead in. Instead of using examples here, check out these blog post introduction ideas I’ve posted with examples.

How to write a magnetic blog post Introduction.

Creating great content when you are fresh out of content ideas.

Want to know one of my secrets?

I don’t always write my own content. I use PLR. That stands for Private Label Content.

PLR content is professional content I purchase. I use it because for one thing it’s super affordable. Second of all it’s foundational content that I can quickly customize any way I want and call it my own.

Instead of starting with a blank page that frustrates me to no end, I now have a page of content that gives me something of quality I can work with.

WARNING:  Not all PLR is created equal and not all PLR sites deliver quality. These are the only PLR sites I use and recommend.

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