Tips For Engaging Your Audience Through Social Media That Work Like Crazy


I’m not a social media expert, yet 😉 but I’ve learned a thing or two about engaging your audience through social media simply by imitating how others engage with me. It really can be that simple. For me it’s been the little things that work like crazy when it comes to getting social marketing results and these are my […]

Social Marketing Results: A Creative Approach to More Sales & Traffic With Social Media

social marketing results

I went through the most amazing social media course this past weekend . It’s called Social Marketing Results. I don’t usually get through a course in a weekend but this one kept my attention and had some of the most useful, practical ideas that yes, drives results. Know why? It has actionable ideas and focused […]

6 Tips For Using Facebook Timeline To Boost Visibility & Traffic

I’ve found some clever ways for using Facebook Timeline to boost your visibility, and get more traffic. In fact here are 6 tips for using Facebook timeline to boost your traffic, visibility and your social medial marketing results. These are  timeline features of Facebook to change or modify your Facebook page. They’re designed to help […]

Using Pinterest To Promote Your Blog – What I Discovered!

Are you using Pinterest to promote your blog? I haven’t been using Pinterest to promote my blog much, but when looking at my traffic stats  I was super pleased to see that Pinterest has been a big traffic source lately, so I sat up and took notice. But I discovered a few things along the […]

SEO vs Social Media – Is SEO Taking a Back Seat?

Last week I posed a question on LinkedIn to find out what people are feeling with regard to SEO vs social media. You can see the conversation here: With all the buzz afloat about how Google is monitoring how much your content gets tweeted, liked and linked to within social media, how might this […]

Difference Between Social Networking And Social Bookmarking

Ever wonder what the differences between social networking and social booking are?  The terms get intermixed, which gets confusing. Here’s the differences between the two and when you might want to use them.

Hands on with Google Plus +

Originally thought to be the ultimate rival to Facebook, Google Plus + opened to an eager public looking for a viable alternative to the relatively few social media options. In the few months since people began using Google Plus, it has acquired just as many detractors as it has fans. Critics cite the service as […]

How To Use LinkedIn

In an effort to beef up my social networking efforts, I’ve been looking in to how to use LinkedIn on a regular basis. I haven’t used LinkedIn much but I’ve noticed that they’ve just recently passed the 100 million members mark. They’re also being stressed as one of the premier social networking sites ranking up […]