Social Marketing Results: A Creative Approach to More Sales & Traffic With Social Media

social marketing results

Get FASTER/BETTER Social Media Results

I went through the most amazing social media course this past weekend .

It’s called Social Marketing Results.

I don’t usually get through a course in a weekend but this one kept my attention and had some of the most useful, practical ideas that yes, drives results.

Know why?

It has actionable ideas and focused strategies.

But what was most significant to me was that it touched on ALL the problems I hate when it comes to social marketing.

Finally someone not only addressed the things that make social marketing such drudgery.

Things like…

  • Poor engagement. I’ve work hard at engaging on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ with comments and sharing but I don’t always get the engagement and participation I expect.
  • Too Few Likes & Shares. My biggest frustrations is getting new “Likes” for my Facebook Page. I’ve had good luck with getting comments on my blog but people weren’t necessarily liking my FB page or sharing my posts across my favorite networks like I’d hoped.
  • Not the right connections. New followers on Twitter are OK but my followers aren’t necessarily people that I want to connect with. They simply want me to follow them back. You know, the ‘You follow me I’ll follow you’ syndrome. That’s pointless to me.

‘Social Marketing Results‘ absolutely helped me improve my social marketing efforts.

But there’s more to the story…

The course was created by Lynn Terry of Clicknewz.

I’ve known, admired and respected Lynn as a capable, successful online marketer for close to 8 years now. social marketing results

Lynn is a creative person. She thinks outside the box and those traits come through in everything she does, so taking her course was a no brainer for me.

You may be thinking what qualifies Lynn to be an expert in Social media marketing?

Rather than hearing from me what I think, I’m going to let you hear it for yourself right from Lynn.

Can you tell that Lynn loves what she does? And she’s a born teacher.

But more than that she’s someone who freely shares the strategies, tips and advice that she developed herself. These aren’t just repeated strategies, they’re the very things she does to get more leads, traffic advertisers, and sales herself, and if you follow Lynn at all you know how successful she is.

Here’s also an interview I did with Lynn To show you what sets Lynn apart from the rest

Liz:  Why is social media so important to online business today and how does someone new to the web know what’s the best channel to reach their  audience?

Lynn:  Social Media is not only a huge source of traffic but it’s also great for brand recognition & reputation, market feedback, direct promotions (meaning: sales), and even affects your rankings in the major search engines. To say it’s important to online business today would be an understatement – it’s practically required to achieve the level of success online business owners want to see.

Social Media is also important for offline businesses, retailers and even major brands as you can see from the promotion via mainstream media and how active they are online via social channels.

As for the best channel to reach your audience, the short answer is to go where they are. For service based businesses and those that target professionals, LinkedIn is ideal. If you’re looking to work with Brands, you’ll find them most active on Twitter. Google+ is heavily populated by a tech savvy male market, while Pinterest is primarily female users.

Liz:  I’ve been following you for years as a super affiliate so why did you choose social marketing to be your first big signature product?

Lynn: Social Marketing Results was ideal as my first “Signature Product” because it’s the perfect combination of all the topics I’m best known for on my blog and in my tutorials.

I teach very organic, very focused marketing strategies. I’ve been saying for years that “Social Media Rank” will be bigger than PageRank ever was. So teaching this topic was a perfect fit for me and a perfect combination of the variety of sub-topics I often teach like: creating unique and interesting content, content optimization, building a solid (FUN) business with long-term profit potential, etc.

This is actually the first in a micro-topical training series I’m releasing, but it got such amazing feedback that I sat down and fleshed it out into a more detailed training course – complete with worksheets, checklists, and a private group for ongoing help & creative ideas.

Liz:  What’s your advice for people with limited time and resources for social media?

Lynn:  I teach a very efficient method for using Social Media, with the fastest results.

I’m a big believer in using Time Blocks for productivity. I recommend investing a mere 15-30 minutes a day. Having a consistent presence is much more important than the amount of time you spend in one sitting. Fortunately, having a clear objective and a focused strategy seriously cuts down the amount of time you *need* to spend, which is exactly what I teach in Social Marketing Results.

Liz:  I know you’ve never been a big fan of automation but there’s so much of it available. What do you think about automation in social marketing?

Lynn: There are very few instances where I recommend automation. I cover this in my guide, along with resources for those that do want to use such tools. But in most cases, you want to post updates to each social channel manually, to get the most out of it. It literally only takes a few seconds to do, which I demonstrate in my training video and the live examples in the PDF guide. The tools exist because there is a market for doing things quicker and easier. I teach quick and easy methods that actually get better results. 😉

Liz:  What are some of the common mistakes you see people making when it comes to social marketing?

Lynn:  Most of the “mistakes” I see boil down to a lack of understanding – or not knowing how to properly use social media for the best results. One of the more common of those “mistakes” is simply posting your links across multiple channels, or using it as a one-way broadcasting system, without taking full advantage of all the amazing ways social media can give your business a serious boost!

Liz:  What is the one thing that sets you and your Social Marketing results course apart from all the other social marketing training out there?

Lynn: There are three things that really set this product apart from the rest: 1) I focus on free, easy, organic social marketing strategies. Meaning there’s no major financial investment or complicating advertising systems to master. 2) I use live examples from my own niche site, and show how these strategies can be used in any niche, and in any business model.

And 3) I actually help people implement what they learn from me! Unlike most guides or courses where you’re left to implement on your own, I have set up a Private Facebook Group to continue to share live examples and offer feedback. We have a really great group actively working on implementing the steps, modeling the examples, and showing off results.

Liz:  There are still quite a few online marketers that feel social marketing is a waste of time and provides very little value as compared to advertising or focusing completely on search engine optimization. What do  you have to say to those individuals?

Lynn: If you’re not leveraging Social Media to the max, you’re really missing out! Not just in terms of marketing, traffic, sales and conversions. But also in connections and opportunities, which I illustrate throughout my guide and in our private group.

Now that we have the mainstream media and the general public on board and incredibly active on Social Media, it would be a mistake to ignore or avoid it.

After more than 16 years in business online, I have more of a historical view of the internet and it’s evolution from start to present. One thing I would advise against is “having all of your eggs in too few baskets” – and ignoring the obvious. :)

Liz:  Looking ahead from today Lynn, where do you see social media headed?

Lynn: From this point forward, and with the continued growth of the mobile industry, social will continue to be more and more integrated into our daily lives and our communications & shopping experiences. Now is definitely the time to take it seriously!

—End of Interview —

What I love most about Lynn is that she freely shares what she knows and her course clearly demonstrates her own live case studies and strategies that you can study and apply to your own business.

The course is FULL of these types of creative examples. In fact the guide has 63 pages of examples, actionable ideas and tips that will put your social marketing into high gear.

In a recent podcast that featured Lynn I heard her say that when she created this course she put it together with the intention of offering at least one great idea or tip on every page of the guide.

She absolutely accomplished that. In fact the idea I used from page 19 of the guide was just one tip that has already generated potential income for my blog.

I’m so excited! Talk about an AH-HA moment :-)

Who Needs This Social Marketing Results Course?

Anyone who needs more leads, traffic, advertisers, and sales using social media but who is spending hours at social marketing with less than stellar results.

The course isn’t about how to get more blog comments, or more twitter and Facebook followers. And it’s certainly not about sitting at your computer all hours of the day making blog comments, re-tweeting, liking and sharing.

It’s about finding a strategy that works for you while also gaining the focus you need to see BIG RESULTS in a shorter period of time.

With the strategies that Lynn demonstrates you’ll get far better results with your efforts in a much shorter time.  In fact Lynn advocates that effective social marketing should only take only about 15- 20 minutes a day, maybe 30 minutes at the most.

Yes that’s right! No more than 30 minutes a day!

It’s about working smarter with your social media, not harder.  Very good stuff!

And if you’re someone that needs personal help with something, Lynn’s course includes a Private Facebook social marketing community that you’ll become a part of. Just ask a question, it doesn’t matter how trivial, and you’ll get a response.

It’s an amazing group of individuals that’s growing as we speak :-)

social marketing results

Here’s just some of what you can expect to get out of this course.

How to use shareable content to promote
How to leverage the success of market leaders, bloggers and merchants in your niche.
How to create attention getting social media posts.
How to make sales with social media
How to get well respected market leaders to promote ‘small potatoes’ (like me 😉
How to use ‘share bait’ to boost your engagement levels.
Live links and examples, webinars, work sheets, videos and one-on-one Facebook group connections.

So there you have it my friends.

If you’ve been frustrated with social media marketing, and who hasn’t, this is your chance to get a big leg up on how to use simple, creative (FREE) social marketing strategies that will give your online business the boost it needs.

Lynn’s course is $77 which I think is a bargain. There’s so much bang for your buck here and with all the rave reviews Lynn gets on a daily basis I expect the price will go up — so you don’t want to delay.

I’m confident you’ll love Social Marketing Results as much as I do. In fact I’d be very surprised if you didn’t …but just it case you don’t you have nothing to lose with Lynn’s 30 day money back guarantee.

So let me ask you, how are your social marketing results coming along?


P.S.  The link to Social Marketing Results is my affiliate link. Your purchase provides me a commission, however commission is paid by product owners, not by you.  I endorse the product because I use it and love it and more importantly it comes from someone I trust and respect. Your patronage helps me continue my work here at Homenotion.

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  1. Elke Feuer says:

    Hi Liz,

    This sounds like an amazing course! I shared it with my Google+ groups and bookmarked it for later myself. Too many writing deadlines for the end of the year. :-)

    She is so right about the 30 minute increments. That’s my aim daily so I can focus on writing and the business side, and still maintain a presence.

    • Hey Elke, Thank you so much for passing this on. I think everyone will find that there’s a lot of wisdom in this course, not to mention great ways to leverage social media wisely.

      I hear you when it comes to deadlines. Boy, it can be hard to fit in a course and get tasks done too. I actually took the whole course in a weekend, which is unusual for me, I don’t EVER finish these things in a few days, but Lynn’s guide kept my attention. I have to go through it again though. I want to follow closely some of the ideas I just glanced over. My hope is to set up a plan I can follow daily or weekly to get some of these ideas set up as routine.

      Have a wonderful day Elke and thanks so much for your support :-)


  2. That sounds like a really amazing product Liz and thanks for doing this interview with Lynn. I enjoyed hearing what she had to say so thank you.

    I remember being introduced to her site early on during my time as a newbie but I didn’t understand so much back then and was being bombarded with so many different people and information that I just ignored so much of it. I was already so overwhelmed as it was.

    Her course really sounds great actually so when I have some time to go through it I just might have to check it out myself. I mean I can always learn something new right! I’m sure there is plenty that I obviously could use more help with.

    Thanks for this share and am so happy you’re already getting results Liz.

    Have a fabulous week.

    Adrienne recently posted..Why Effective Consistency in Blogging Is CrucialMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne,

      I hear ya! When you’re starting out there’s so much to learn and so many people offering advice that it IS overwhelming. I remember having to get off all these lists and just really focus my attention on a few people I knew I could trust. Lynn was one of those people, I actually met her at a workshop I attended in Atlanta and we had such a great time. I was also in a mastermind group of hers at the time, however I’ve outgrown it now but it was full of people I’m still close with today. Conferences and workshops are great to attend now and then.

      Anyway, the course is a good one but I understand time is an issue for all of us. There’s just never enough of it :-(

      Thanks for your feedback Adrienne. Hope you’re having a great week.


  3. Liz,

    What an amazing product for those who need to perfect social media skills. It’s so true that if you are not on social media these days, you won’t be ranked so well.

    I loved the interview! Lynn knows her stuff, but more than that, I can tell she has a loving heart and her sharing and teachings come form an honest place. I love that!

    More and more people need to perfect their Social Media skills! I have written about that in the past and was so surprised how many people aren’t using it. They need this course!!!!

    Donna Merrill recently posted..Beginning To BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Donna,

      I’ve come to love social media because I can relate to it. SEO use to be our only hope of gaining page rank and traffic but not many people could clearly relate to that, so it’s nice to be able to do something that we have a bit more control over and that we can understand.

      Lynn truly is a loving and caring person but interestingly enough I met her a few years ago and she’s really kind of a reserved person, she’s not a super outgoing social individual, which is kind of a testimony to the fact that to use social media effectively you don’t have to be this hugely social butterfly you just have to perfect a few skills, like you said. I don’t really think it’s so much about being “social” as it is about being where your market is and just serving your market by understanding their needs, demonstrating a caring and loving attitude and instilling trust in your followers.

      Thanks so much for your great feedback Donna. Always good to hear from you :-)


  4. Hey Liz,

    This sounds like a winner and she does sound like she’s passionate for what she does. With over 16+ years of experience you would figure that she has to know something 😉

    I’ve met a lot of people, including myself, that don’t have a lot of time to focus on their business. Using social media in 15 to 30 minute increments and optimizing that time for to get the best results is something I believe most people would definitely be interested in.

    I actually have to change schedule since my day schedule has changed, so using those increments of time would definitely be beneficial. Thanks for sharing!
    Sherman Smith recently posted..What Duplicates And What Doesnt?My Profile

    • Hey Sherman,

      Yes, Lynn is quite knowledgeable, she’s also very driven.

      But I hear you when it comes to time. There are a lot of people who can’t put huge amount of hours into their business, so any help for optimizing your time, especially with social media is a big help. But then again that’s probably true for anyone, we could all use more time no matter what we do, right LOL!

      It is really about doing only the things that matter for your business and doing them in a time efficient manner. That’s key.

      I did a little experiment one time on keeping track of everything I did in a day. I wrote everything down, what it was and how much time I spent at it the whole bit, and it was an eye opener. Doing something like that really prompts change.

      for leveraging social media in a way that it brings results and using your social media time more wisely, Lynn’s course is spot on. I especially like her FB group where you can ask specific questions, sometimes you just need a one on one :-)

      Thanks for stopping by Sherman, always a pleasure my friend :-)


  5. Social media is indeed the best way to generate traffic instantly. Organic traffic takes time to come but if you have compelling titles then you can grab a huge chunk of traffic from social media in no time. I am one of the big fan of SMM. Liked the Interviews. :)
    Atish Ranjan recently posted..Why Blogging is Not for Everyone?My Profile

    • Hey Atish,

      Thanks so much for your feedback on Lynn’s course. It’s a good one isn’t it?

      I especially love social media, that wasn’t always the case, because it gives us back control our marketing. No more depending on Google and the search engines. That’s not to say that basic SEO practices aren’t necessary, they are, but social media marketing gives us a big leg up, so any SEO benefits we see becomes frosting on the cake.


  6. Peggy Nelson says:

    Hi Liz. Peggy from Life Your Way Coaching checking in to say I finally took the time to go through your email and watch Lynn’s video, and the social media training sounds awesome to me. I’m tied up until late next week, but I plan to go get in on Lynn’s product. If you recall our recent email conversation about social media, you’ll remember I haven’t taken the time to really learn it and take advantage of it, so this looks like the perfect opportunity. And, I want to say thanks again to you for being so generous with your ideas and expertise when I’ve called upon you. I greatly appreciate and you are a star in your field. All the best and thanks for the info on Lynn’s new product. I’m in!

    • Hey Peggy,

      Yes I do remember our recent email conversation about learning social media and my hats off to you about taking the initiative to learn how to benefit from social marketing. It certainly won’t be a waste of your time and if I can help in any way, I’m here for you :-)

      Have a wonderful week Peggy.


  7. Hi Liz,

    That really sounds like an amazing product, and worth a try.

    Of course we can’t buy all the products out there and I’m working right now on two products that are specific to my niche a the moment, and which I purchases recently, but I will certainly put this one on my list.

    Thank you for introducing this to us, Liz.
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..What I’ve Learned From My Recent Blog Technical IssuesMy Profile

    • Hi Sylviane,

      I know! Too much information and so little time. I use to have a teacher when I was in grade school that said I wish I could just open your heads and pour it all in. Yep, I wish that too LOL :-)

      Hey no worries Sylviane, just know that when you have time to devote to social marketing I think this is one of the best courses for the money, and with so much out there to choose from this is a rock solid recommendation.

      Thanks for stopping by. Always wonderful to have you here :-)


  8. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Amazing product Liz! Stress the point that you must hang where your customers are. This was a stickler for me for many years. I networked with the wrong people. Also you must network with influencers to rise above in this game.

    Make friends with leaders. Make friends with people who have massive, responsive networks and you will get the results you seek.

    Thanks Liz!


    • Hey Ryan,

      Yes! This is one that can sometimes take awhile for folks to get a grip on. Trying to hang out everywhere and connect with everyone isn’t efficient. But also think about how long that can take. But as you said, it’s also about networking with the leaders too. Your post titled “Why are you struggling to grow your Home Business” demonstrates that very well.

      Thanks for stopping by Ryan. Have a great week :-)


  9. Tim Bonner says:

    Hi Liz

    I made the mistake of trying to be everywhere on social media and then started to become disillusioned with it.

    Now, I concentrate on Twitter and have also been experimenting with Google+.

    The course sounds a really useful one and something I’d be interested in after I’ve completed another one I’ve recently purchased.

    Thank you for sharing the interview you did with Lynn. She really does know her stuff!

    • Hey Tim,

      I think we all start out making that mistake Tim. Having a clear focus with concentrated effort will definitely help you. Lynn has some really great tips for doing that and I’ve learned so much already.

      Anyway, good luck with all your social media efforts my friend and thanks so much for your feedback :-)


  10. Dee Ann Rice says:


    I am really bad at social media. It would be great to learn how to use it the right way.

    I do not seem to be very good at socializing on the social media. I think Lynn’s description of a oneway broadcasting system pretty well describes how I use social media.

    I am going to put this course on my list of things I need to do soon.

    Thanks for the review of this product.

    Dee Ann

    • Hey you’re welcome Dee Ann.

      I’m not really good at using social media either, I’ve never been quite sure about what to do and how to interact. That’s why Lynn’s course is good. I actually know Lynn and have met her at events a few times. She’s not really that much of a social butterfly herself, but she’s learned how to make the best use of the social media platforms with little tricks and some pretty good tips that she’s made use of herself.

      Thanks for checking out the review. I’m sure you’ll do fine as you use social media more. I think it’s one of those things that the more you use it the better you’ll get. We just need to use it more, LOL!

      Have a great day Dee Ann :-)
      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Tips For Engaging Your Audience Through Social Media That Work Like CrazyMy Profile

  11. Nate Leung says:

    Hi Liz,

    This looks like an amazing product. I think that it is sometimes and may happen to many of us is that, since the internet is a different animal compared to meeting someone in person or conversing over the phone, some find it more challenging… but in reality, the way I see it is nothing more than a different form of delivery system to interact and engage. It’s more indirect, yes. But I still see it as a way of getting your message across and networking with new and cool people like yourself. Awesome post, really enjoyed the read. :-)

    • Hi Nate,

      The internet CAN be a more challenging delivery system for some. Everyone is different when it comes to being social. I find that I get my point across better and express myself better with my writing because I like to write. For some folks they need to speak and see the other individual when communicating, and I get that. It’s not a delivery system for everyone.

      But the big benefit of the internet and social networking is that we can expand our reach so much better and faster. We can meet so many great people that we might otherwise meet. For example you have a great blog Nate, and at some point I would probably come across it, but it was through social networking that I found you sooner and have had the opportunity to get to know you. That’s what makes social networking, and marketing such an awesome tool.

      Thanks for stopping by Nate, always good to hear from you :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Tips For Engaging Your Audience Through Social Media That Work Like CrazyMy Profile

  12. Karen Hoyt says:

    Liz –
    You make this course sound like a lot of fun! I’m going to look into it. When Liz talks about using Time Blocks of 15-20 minutes a day? I’m interested!
    I enjoy social media. It’s just fun to meet new people and I have learned so much! There is the time factor and we all want to maximize our efforts. It is a real struggle for me some days.
    Thank you for sharing your experience and enthusiasm about this course. I look forward to seeing you reap the benefits with your website!
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Karen,

      You could really say this course IS fun, but then again social media is sort of fun don’t you think? But the thing about social media is that it can hugely time consuming without really being effective and that’s what Lynn helps you overcome. The time you spend on social media will be time well spent and effective, and that should be your goal.

      Thanks so much Karen. I’m glad you found the review helpful and I’m so glad you stopped by.

      You have a wonderful day and a great weekend. I just became a new Grandma yesterday so I’ll have a busy weekend with my daughter and baby :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Tips For Engaging Your Audience Through Social Media That Work Like CrazyMy Profile

      • Hey Liz,

        Thanks for sharing this info and great interview…

        I believe you are absolutely right about the “TIME” management on social media networks…

        In my experience, most of the time people get confused over which network to select for his/her business model…

        I think Lynn is absolutely correct about the MOST common “mistake” is Lack of Understanding…

        Looks like a great product…. :)



  13. Awesome Liz!

    It sounds like Lynn really does over deliver here! Because I don’ think I’ve ever read one of your blog posts where you were this excited and pumped up!

    And that really speaks volumes to the quality of her product! And since you most certainly always over deliver at an extremely high level as well, that pretty much says it all!

    As I was reading some of your extremely well written bullet points, I found myself nodding my head in agreement, thinking, “I can most certainly use help resolving that issue as well!”

    Thanks so much for showcasing Lynn, and what appears to be a terrific product and support group!
    Mark recently posted..So What Can A Visit To The Red River Gorge Park In Kentucky Teach Savvy Entrepreneurs?My Profile

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