SEO vs Social Media – Is SEO Taking a Back Seat?

seo vs. social media marketingLast week I posed a question on LinkedIn to find out what people are feeling with regard to SEO vs social media.

You can see the conversation here:

With all the buzz afloat about how Google is monitoring how much your content gets tweeted, liked and linked to within social media, how might this affect search engine rankings for those that don’t do social media at all?

I got a mixed bag of responses, but the favorite answer seems to be that both SEO and Social media marketing will be important.  However with so much emphasis on social media today, will SEO now become less important?

If you look at the latest Google Panda update, it was directed at sites containing extensive advertising with little quality content and spammy backlinks which hurt a lot of websites, and rightly so,  but what’s coming next?

Of course, no one knows exactly what Google will do in the future, but it makes sense that if a site doesn’t have good traffic and appear on the social sharing circuit with favorable response, then it could lose it’s ability to rank well in the search engines in future months.

In fact Michelle MacPhearson explains it well in one of her latest videos stating that your SEO strategy now needs to include social sharing.

Final Thoughts on the  SEO vs Social Media Direction

I’m thinking that if Google is going to give its users the best search experience possible, which is what they claim, they’re likely to pay more attention to how viewers rate content as opposed to how well it’s optimized for the search engines.

Or maybe we should consider that social media will actually become part of the SEO strategy, which many say has already happened.

I’d love  your thoughts on this. What do you think about SEO vs social media and is SEO becoming less important for site owners?



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  1. Hi Liz, it’s absolutely important for businesses to start mixing the two as it’s quite obvious that SEO and Social Media are already dressed in their unique wedding gown.

  2. Annette Golphin says:

    Both are important to have a successful business blog. I am most prefer in doing SEO because building more links to other website may help to boost traffic.

    • Hi Annette, I agree that both are important, and I recommend doing both, but I’m just wondering how those that rely so heavily on SEO without doing any social media marketing will do. I think it will be interesting to see where all this goes. Thanks for your feedback :-)

  3. Hello Liz.
    As most of your commenters agree, both are important. I personally think that SEO is still a better option if done correctly.
    I don’t claim to be a technical expert on SEO although I do have a reasonable knowledge of it. The thing that I see a lot, even from those with strong technical skills, is a hap hazard approach.
    SEO is not just about ranking, it’s about focus and understanding the clients of a business.
    Blog commenting, social media and SEO all walk hand in hand when done correctly. Ultimately our aim is to drive traffic. If you can drive traffic as part of building your SEO campaign, even better. More importantly, if you can drive lazer targeted traffic while growing your rank, then you are doing it right. This is where many get it wrong in the pursuit for masses of links with no real focus on the business or clients of the business.

    • Hey Steve, very well put and I couldn’t agree more.

      I do agree that SEO, social media and blog commenting all need to work together, however some of the more social medial enthusiasts are pushing that practicing only SEO without practicing any social media means you’ll lose ranking and status within the search engines, so trying to get a feel for how folks fee about that.

      Thanks so much for your great feedback :-)

  4. Ms. Liz says:

    Leonard, I do think links and social media will be the things that make or break us. They both indicate approval from readers which is a good thing. Our success or failure shouldn’t be determined by Google alone.

    Of course, like any system, it can be gamed, so Google will always be fighting that, unfortunately some of us may get caught in the wake of that.

    I say, keep it simple. Write in a manner that readers enjoy, pick topics that they want to read, follow the steps to writing effective SEO copy and spend time socializing and interacting.

    Thanks for your feedback :-)

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