Wordtracker vs Google Keyword Tool & How Google Falls Way Short

wordtracker vs google keyword toolIf you understand that a single keyword can generate more traffic, more customers and more sales for your online business, you wouldn’t guess about what keywords to use.  Instead you’d use a keyword tool that can generate the best keywords for your web pages, right?  That just makes good sense.

So what keyword tool should you use?

There are lots of keyword research tools available, the most popular being the Google keyword tool, primarily because it’s free.  However, as popular as Google’s free tool is, it falls short when it comes to helping me generate more traffic, perform keyword competitor analysis, and increase my profits.

After almost ten years on the web, 3 blogs and 4 websites later, I felt compelled to evaluate Wordtracker vs Google keyword tool.  It was actually on the recommendation of my admired and hugely successful friend Karon Thackston, that Wordtracker would perform much better for me.

I’m now a loyal Wordtracker user and so glad I am because Wordtracker gives me more of what I need to be found online, something I couldn’t squeeze out of Google.

But I know what you’re thinking… [Read more...]

Using Keywords For SEO – Copywriting Strategy Straight From Matt Cutts

keywords for seoIf you’re still a little, or maybe a lot, confused about how to use keywords for SEO and copywriting, I thought this article by Karon Thackston covering an interview she did with Matt Cutts clarifies pretty well how we should be using keywords and key phrases within in our copy.

What I love most about the article is that Matt is telling us exactly what Karon has been saying all along… [Read more...]

8 Post Penguin Recovery Tips

post penguin recovery tipsSince April of this year, Google has been rolling out updates that affected the way that links are evaluated and websites are ranked. The latest of which is the Penguin update, which penalizes sites that violate webmaster guidelines.

If you happen to be hit by this change (i.e. you noticed a drop in your rankings), don’t feel too disappointed because there are ways for you to recover. The best way to do this is to apply proper search engine optimization (SEO) methods.

You might ask, what are the benefits of SEO?  Well, just to name a few: it drives relevant traffic to your portal, it helps increase the revenue of your business, and it assists you in ranking better in SERPs.

Now that you know that, use these 8 post Penguin recovery tips that include the SEO methods to help you recover your search engine rankings. [Read more...]

Deep Linking – Stop Linking To Your Home Page!

deep linkingDeep linking is about linking to specific interior pages of your blog or website, as opposed to linking to your home page.

I mention that because so many online business owners and marketers  send visitors, and links, to their home page when linking opportunities occur.

While that seems logical, it’s not the best strategy for making sales and generating backlinks.

Why Not? [Read more...]

10 Search Engine Optimization Strategies for Higher Ranking

search engine optimization strategies It gives me goose bumps when I hear that 70% of web users click on the natural search results instead of the paid results to find what they are looking for.

That’s a great reason for optimizing your website or blog and the good news is that it won’t cost you anything but your time.

To get you started, here are 10 search engine optimization strategies for higher ranking, naturally! [Read more...]

Search Engine Optimization & Positioning Keywords

search engine optimizationSearch Engine Optimization and positioning keywords isn’t hard.  

In fact  you can write search engine optimized content yourself by following a simple structure for each of your web pages.

If you can think of the search engines as text machines, which is  really what they are because everything in search engine optimization is based on words, then it only makes sense that writing  strong, well-optimized copy will serve both the  search engines and your customers.

And that’s what will bring you higher rankings, conversions, and of course, sales.

Have  you ever heard people who say that it’s important to overload your copy with your  keyword phrase?  The idea is that   including your keywords several times in your copy makes a difference, it doesn’t.  There’s much more to it than that.

It’s not quantity that matters in this situation,  it’s a creative balance of how and where you use and position your keywords and key phrases that delivers the impact.

It might sound complicated, but really it’s not!

The process is very logical.  It’s one of those things that, once you see it laid out before you, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it yourself.

Most people don’t get how simple this really is.  I didn’t until I began listening to Karon Thackston.   Her SEO copywriting guide was an eye opener for me,  not only for how and where to position keywords effectively but how to write copy that creatively gets the attention of the search engines and my readers as well.

But don’t run out and get Karon’s guide just yet.  Karon’s holding a free webinar this Thursday, Nov. 17, that you can get in on completely free.

The webinar itself will give you a well thought out simple plan of action including a proven approach to improving the overall performance of all your web pages.  Which means you’ll find out how to craft well balanced, optimized copy that guides visitors click-by-click from your search engine listing all the way to your “Buy Now” links.

Karon’s seminars are always an opportunity to come away with awesome tidbits on writing search engine optimized copy and how to use keywords, and the webinar will be interactive so you’ll also have a chance to ask questions at the end.

Like I mentioned, the webinar is completely free but I will say that I’ve never attended any of Karon’s webinars that I didn’t come away with some awesome ideas and practical suggestions.   These are things that her own clients have paid her for and that she used when writing their copy.

Here’s where to register:

If you miss the webinar for some reason, you’ll be able to hear the recording later, but you’ll have to register first so she can send you the recording.

If you miss her registration, there will be other webinars so keep an eye out.  You can also get a hold of  Karon’s  SEO copywriting course which is her mainstay product and is an excellent resource for writing search engine optimized content and positioning your keywords effectively.

6 Easy Tips for Simplifying Search Engine Optimization

simplifying search engine optimizationI’ve found that if you can apply a few simple SEO strategies, couple that with pillar content and include good linking strategies, it’s possible to improve your search engine ranking.

But it all starts with good, basic search engine optimization.

Here are 6 Easy tips for simplifying search engine optimization that I use to keep things simple while still reaching pretty good search engine ranking for most of my site pages.

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Title Tag Examples That Compel More Clicks

Don’t simply write your page’s title tag as a title, use it to help you get more clicks.

Because the search engines use your title tag in their search listings when displaying your site, you should be thinking of it as free advertising.  That means crafting your title tag to command more clicks.

But how can you compel more clicks with your title tag?  Let’s look at these title tag examples: [Read more...]