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I’ve been studying copywriting as long as I’ve been on the internet.Karon Thackston

I’ve learned a lot and it’s always changing but it was the Step-by-Step SEO Copywriting Course by Karon Thackston that gave me the the training and the confidence I needed to write the promotional copy for my online business.

If you’re not familiar with Karon Thackston, you should be.

Karon is an SEO copywriting veteran, author, speaker, instructor, and one of the top 1% most endorsed in the U.S. for SEO Copywriting.

She’s also an incredible teacher.

There’s only one word that comes to mind after taking Karon’s course, and that’s ‘enlightening‘. 

I’ve taken copywriting courses in the past, including the highly rated AWAI course, which was an awesome course, but Karon made it so much easier to learn the strategies.  Her videos and presence makes learning enjoyable and interesting.

I need that when I’m in front of a computer trying to learn something.

There are key pieces of the process that Karon’s SEO copywriting course in particular delivers, and it’s important that you are keenly aware of them so your copy will flow, connect and most importantly, turn your visitors into buyers.

For example, one very key element of the copywriting process is to know your audience; I mean really know them.

You may think you know who your target audience is and what they want; but most newbie copywriters don’t know their audience at all.

I was a perfect example of that. Sure, I knew a few things off the top of my head but that’s not nearly enough if you want to attract the right audience and get to the heart of what they feel, need and want.

That’s huge because that’s what will ultimately improve your traffic and sales. Like Karon says, if you truly know those things your copy will write itself, and it’s true!

Personal aside:  Surprisingly enough, Karon’s the only person that has helped me thoroughly develop that concept.

But knowing your audience is just the beginning; the process continues with knowing how to:

•    Find and use keywords with a few tricks few people know about.
•    Write compelling headlines that grab attention.
•    Emotionally connect you with your reader.
•    Find, know and effectively use your call to action.
•    Boost your copy’s SEO ranking.
•    Improve your sales conversion rates.

Taking Karon’s course puts you leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors.

While they are simply writing on instinct, your copy will contain the proven sales conversion strategies and concepts designed to attract customers, boost sales and your SEO rankings.

In fact it won’t be long before the SEO copywriting techniques become second nature.

The first time I ordered Karon’s step-by step copywriting course it was delivered to my door as a spiral binder workbook and 3 bonus CDs.

seo copywriting

Today her course is online in video format. I’m a visual learner so I that 😉

2 years after completing the course I had the privilege of meeting Karon at the NAMS Conference in Atlanta. After listening and learning from Karon for the past few years I felt as if I already knew her.

That’s actually a testimony of her commitment to her customers and followers.

Karon’s not some fly by night, here today gone tomorrow copywriting expert.  Her course is continually revised and improved upon to keep up with internet changes and to also accommodate the needs and concerns of her customers and followers.

In Video Format

The course has 10 Video-Based Modules that come complete with exercises, practice assignments, quizzes, worksheets and real life examples of copy that Karon has created for her own clients, and it’s all online.

By the way, these examples are invaluable for grasping the sales concepts illustrated in her course. If you prefer a hard copy you can print out the course transcripts.

You’ll also be part of her exclusive Facebook Copywriting group where you can ask questions, get help, clarify concerns and get ideas directly from Karon and other members of the group.

If you simply want to know how to write a salesletter, Karon’s course study isn’t for you.

This SEO copywriting course was created for the individual who wants to effectively write optimized conversion driven copy for websites, blogs, articles or any copy that you want to ranks well and convert.

I personally have not come across any other professional copywriter that is as thorough or as committed to her readers as Karon.

Her copywriting course is about as easy as it gets while giving you a heck of a lot of bang for your buck.

Improve your SEO copywriting today, Get Search Engine Copywriting with Karon ThackstonHighly Recommended!



Without that, it’s a lot harder to make a sale because you’re not connecting with your reader.
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