These are resources I use and support.  

Every one of these resources has helped me streamline my online business, boost sales.

Overall they simply make my job as an online business owner, marketer and content writer easier and definitely more profitable.

If you have questions about any of these resources please send me your questions here. I’d be happy to clarify any questions you have :-)

Blogging & Website Software Resources

  • WordPress –  The most popular blogging platform.   It’s also highly customizable with hundreds of easy to install plugins that will make your blog unique, efficient and a great source for generating online income.    Click here to learn more here about creating a WordPress blog. 
  • XheaderPro – Get 500 completely FREE website headers.  You’ll also get a free header creation tool so you can create your own headers.  
  • CommentLuv.  I’m a big fan of the CommentLuv premium plugin.  This is the only plugin I pay for at the moment and that’s because it’s powerful.  Since using it I get more quality commenters, a lot less spam, more links and a huge amount of social recognition.

Here’s why I use commentluv premium:

Makes your blog a dofollow blog but you can also chose to set chosen comment links as NoFollow
Includes a top comment widget.
Includes GASP, the GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plug-in. This protects your comments from spam.
Allows commenters to link to their Twitter account.
TrackBack validation.  You’ll be notified of all trackbacks.
ReplyMe feature. This is one of my favorite features of CommentLuv premium. When you reply to a commenter they will receive an email that their comment was approved along with your reply.

Web Hosting Resources

  • Hostgator Web hosting can be a nightmare if you choose a bad one and I’ve been in some nightmare situations myself.  But since moving to Hostgator it’s been smooth sailing for me.  Their service and support is the best, and anyone who has a blog or website knows that’s a big deal.  Since moving from one hosting service to another can be a huge pain in the you know what, you want to get this right from the beginning.  If you’re in the market for a hosting service check out Hostgator and use coupon code ‘homenotion’ to get your first month of hosting free.

Email Marketing Resources

  • Aweber Autoresponder Service – I love Aweber.  Not because so many professional online businesses use them but because my emails are fully automated, not to mention the great tools, services and free training. So much bang for your buck.

SEO/SEM Resources

  • SEO Fast Start – This awesome FREE  guide by Dan Thies is exceptional for introducing you to SEO.  All I can say is read it.   
  • Search Engine Copywriting with Karon Thackston – I can’t say enough great things about Karon Thackston and her Step-by-step Copywriting course.    It is this exact course that helped me develop the kind of persuasive copy that turned my blog from an expense to a profit center.
  • AWAI Copywriting Course  American Writers and Artists Inc.  is the world’s leading publisher of direct-response copywriting.  I took this course a few years ago because at one time I thought seriously about being a professional copywriter. Instead I ended up using the skills for my own business and not as a service.   However if you’re interested in a freelance copywriting career AWAI not only provides you with the tools necessary to succeed in a successful copywriting career they also give you the critical skills and connections you’ll need to find clients and earn money fast.

Ebooks & Guides

  • Super Affiliate Handbook – My first introduction to affiliate marketing and the one resource that got me excited to pursue the business model. It has shown me how to become a top affiliate for my niche sites.
  • 20 Ways to Make $100 A Day Online – A comprehensive guide that steps you through 20 doable internet business ideas that legitimately earn business owners at least $100 a day online. The book is not only a great read there’s also a way for you to earn 100% affiliate commissions with it as well.
  • Write That Report–  Having your own electronic products on the web is a great way to make money online, but if writing ebooks, guides, reports or handbooks sounds like too much of a challenge use this simple template to get started. I use it for all my ebooks, guides and ecourses.

Electronic Product Distribution and Shopping Carts

  • E-Junkie – A digital products reseller much like Clickbank.  They offer shopping cart and buy now buttons to let you sell downloads and tangible goods anywhere on the web.  And just like Clickbank you can find products and services to promote as an affiliate from E-junkie as well.
  • DLGuard – If you create ebooks with PDF’s, DLGuard is a must to protect your intellectual property.  Otherwise your PDF ebooks are exposed to online thieves.
  • Ebook Cover Generator – This is eBook Cover graphics software that creates professional looking ebook covers in minutes and you don’t need Photoshop.
  • PayPal – If you’re collecting payments either from individuals via credit card or for products you sell online, PayPal is a must. You can also use PayPal to make payments to individuals, services or for products.
  • Clickbank – A digital products retailer.  You can find products to promote as an affiliate on Clickbank and you can sell your own products on Clickbank. You can also use Clickbank to set up an affiliate program to get affiliates to promote for you.

 Seminars & Events

  • NAMS  Workshop.  I don’t attend many live seminars but this is one I love. I’ve attended 2 NAMS workshops and seminars and have loved every minute of it.  It’s one of the most affordable and most comprehensive.  Honestly, I’m not sure how David Perdew can offer such an informative, super helpful seminar at such a low price.  But the word is definitely spreading.

Content Providers (Articles, PLR, Resell Rights)

  • All Private Label Content – Alice Seba and Melody Spier host the All Private Label content site with some of the best quality PLR articles and how to guides that span 35 niche topics at affordable prices.  You’ll also get one complimentary access to their private members forum for one month.  Great deal for the price. I use their content here on Homenotion.  Customized of course!
  • Easy PLR –  My good friend and colleague Nicole Dean has awesome, unique PLR articles, reports and e-courses specializing in home/family, moms/kids, internet business/marketing. I’m a regular buyer of her PLR because her articles packs are professionally edited with prices that consistently over deliver on value.
  • – PLR. me offers content specializing in self-help and personal development.  Each month you get 30 extremely well written articles, 30 inspirational affirmations, 20 inspirational desktop wallpapers that you can be re-branded, sold or given away as a bonus, and 5 PDF documents such as handbooks, reports, guides and worksheets that include graphics and images needed to promote your PLR content.  All very affordable.
  • PLR Niche Content – Stephan Everest hosts PLR niche content. PLR articles range from animals and pets to Weddings and travel.    Also each article pack comes with quality ready to use graphics too!





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