Quality Content for Your Website or Blog

Creating quality content for your website or blog has to be a priority.

Just ask any internet business owner and they’ll tell you that poorly written, uninteresting, dull content won’t drive visitors to your website or help you become profitable.

But how hard is it to create quality content?


Quality content  has to be unique and original and for someone that hates to write, they’ll probably tell you it’s very hard.

But here’s a secret, not all content has to be completely yours, some of it you can extract from PLR.

Whoaaa! Not mine?  Didn’t you just say content needs to be unique and original?

Of course, but let me explain…

PLR stands for Private Label Rights that is  written by a ghostwriter and is typically sold in packs of limited numbers.   You can buy PLR content for your website, edit and publish it without being required to link back to anyone or give anyone credit for writing it.

PLR is basically a starter package that you can quickly customize to your own style of writing, all PLR does is give you ideas and content that makes it easy to adjust the content to your own voice.

You can add your own personal ideas and experiences to the content, you can insert examples, photos or case studies which makes the content completely unique to your own writing style.

Warning: Never, ever use PLR content exactly as you get it, always customize it.

There’s nothing stopping you from using PLR right out of the box, but I never recommend that, first of all you run the risk of lower ranking if you use content word for word that others will potentially be using as well.

Your site won’t be banned for using content that’s found somewhere else but your content page won’t rank as well in the search engines either.


Customizing PLR content

When I need to write a blog post or I’m in a pinch to do a guest post or write an article, I’ve got to act fast. That’s where having PLR content on hand comes in handy.  I’ve got content right in front of me that gives me ideas to write about.

The content also contains tips and strategies and topic information that I can customize.

But you might be wondering how that makes creating quality content easier, after all you have to customize it.

Well first of all I don’t have to come up with ideas on your own.  PLR content provides topic ideas.   Secondly customizing content is a lot easier that trying to come up with writing it on your own.  For example,  I can rephrase a paragraph and put it in my own words a lot easier than I can write a new paragraph from scratch.

But also I can add to the paragraphs my own ideas and personal stories.  It’s like a catalyst for helping me think of things to write.

PLR is an awesome content strategy when used correctly so learning how to use private label rights content and employing good search engine copywriting strategies will help you develop unique content that you can create quickly and is affordable.


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  1. Hi Liz,

    I want to let you know that I linked this article in a blog post I just wrote. I hope you get some traffic out of it. :-)

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