Promote Affiliate Products with Your Own Domain Name

One of the ways I like to promote affiliate products is with my own domain name.

This is not only easy to do, there are two great benefits.

One BIG benefit is that it cuts down on affiliate theft.  The other benefit is that you’ll get rid of that ugly affiliate link.

For instance, an ugly Clickbank affiliate link like this:

can look like this:

The downside, if you can call it that, is you’ll have to register a domain name to redirect your affiliate link.   For me that’s a small price to pay for saving my affiliate commission and getting my links to look better :-)

How Promoting Affiliate Products with your own Domain Name Works

The strategy works by simply redirecting your affiliate link to a domain name that you register yourself.    That’s really all there is to it.    The hardest part might be finding a domain name that you like.

But once you come up with a domain name it’s simply a matter of redirecting your affiliate link to that domain name, and you can do that right from your domain name registrar.

How To set up your affiliate link to Point To Your Domain Name

The process for pointing your affiliate link to your domain name is easy, so let’s step through it.

Step 1. Decide what affiliate product you want to promote.

Once you have an affiliate product or service that you want to promote, grab your affiliate link and keep it on hand.

Step 2. Register a domain name.

I use Godaddy to register my domain names simply because they are reliable, safe and they make redirects super easy, so I’ll be using them in my example.

Here are the steps to create a domain name:

  1. Log in To Godaddy or create an account if you don’t already have one, it’s free.
  2. Come up with a domain name that describes the product you’re promoting and register the name.   For example,  let’s say I’m promoting a weight loss program from Clickbank.   I might choose a domain name like  A good rule of thumb is to choose a domain name that relates to what you are promoting and is easy to remember.

Step 3.  Redirect your domain name through Godaddy.

Once you have your domain name registered, go to your Godaddy domains page, click on the domain name you want to redirect your affiliate link to and click on the ‘Forward’ tab.  Once there, enter your affiliate link into the window.

Affiliate Tip: Under the ‘advanced options’ I suggest selecting  ‘Permanently forwarding the domain name’ and check ‘Forward with Masking’.  The masking tab allows your domain name to remain in the address bar when the user clicks on your link.

Step 4. Once you’ve completed the redirect or ‘forward’, test out your new domain.   Type your domain into the address bar in Google and make sure it redirects to the affiliate product  you are promoting.

That’s it!   Now you can promote your affiliate product or service by directing visitors to a clean domain name that will help discourage affiliate theft and it will look a lot cleaner :-)

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