Profitable Internet Business Ideas With Money Making Reputations

profitable internet business ideasHere’s a question I get a lot:

‘Whats a profitable internet business idea that I can be sure to make money with?”

That’s really a personal question, and unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all.

The web is an awesome place to find profitable internet business ideas that will make you money, but it’s also a great place to fall flat on your face and make NO money at all.

Your success won’t come from what I say  is the best internet business.  Frankly, if I tell you exactly what internet business you should be making money with, you might want to be suspicious of my motives 😉

Everyone is different, but whatever business you fancy, it demands thorough research and should fit into your personal business goals, ambitions, and lifestyle.

Having said that, these are some of the most profitable internet business ideas that online business owners have been wildly successful with and that I’d say are worthy of your research and careful consideration.

Profitable Internet Business Ideas that Make Money For Online Business Owners

 1.   Becoming a Blogger

Blogging is popular online and also one of the ways I make money as well.    I like it because the blogging platform makes it easy to present information about a niche topic you love, or have a passion for, which is what helps you turn it into a top informational resource.

Profitable bloggers blog often, provide unique, useful information and keep the blog interesting.

How You make Money with a blog

Blogs make money primarily through advertising and affiliate marketing.  But in order to attract advertisers and make money as an affiliate, your blog has to attract lots of traffic.  A blog that gets great traffic will attract advertisers that will pay for ads and banners.  This could add up to several thousands of dollars a month.

How to be Successful with Blogging

  • Write content that people find interesting and want to know about.
  • Give your blog structure with an easy to follow layout that isn’t confusing
  • Build your blog so that it stands out from the crowd.
  •  Promote your blog often

If your readers find your blog a great ‘go to’ resource, your traffic will soar.

If you’d like to set up a successful blog but need to steps to get it done quickly and easily and learn how to promote it, grab these 10 free videos that will talk you through the whole process.

2.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is about promoting other peoples products or services for a commission of the sale.  Commissions can be anywhere from 10%,  60% or even 70%.  There are even 100% commission affiliate programs, which I personally love :-)

You can make money strictly from affiliate marketing, but typically affiliate marketing is just a part of many internet business owner’s income.

Take bloggers, for example, they make money primarily through advertising, but affiliate marketing might also be part of that money making strategy because they may also recommend useful products or services  related to their blog’s topic.

Another way to do affiliate marketing is by creating niche affiliate sites, which is about building a website around specific items that you promote as an affiliate.  Another option is to build sites or blogs around specific niche topics and promote products or services related to the topic.

How to be successful with affiliate marketing?

Contrary to some affiliate marketing strategies, a successful affiliate marketer won’t simply grab their affiliate link and flash it in front of as many people as they can.  Yes,  people that do that and they’re typically the failures you hear about.

Successful affiliate marketers will:

3. Creating and Publishing Your Own ebook

Ever thought about writing your own book?

Even if you have, you probably haven’t done it because it didn’t seem attainable.  With the internet it IS achievable and empowering.

I wrote my first ebook about 5 years ago, sold hundreds of copies and had people thank me for putting it out there.

It made me wonder what took me so long.

Writing your own ebook is more that just putting some facts out there for people to read, they can get that anywhere.  Your ebook should be about putting your own thoughts, ideas, and experiences in a book that others can truly benefit from.

The beauty of writing your own ebook is that it’s something you do once and can sell forever.  You don’t need a publisher or anyone to approve it.  You just need to get it done.

Here how I created my ebook and got it done…

How to make money with ebooks?

EBooks have several avenues for making money.  You can write them to give away for free on your website or you can sell them.

How would giving away an ebook earn me money, you ask?

Writing an ebook that you give away can earn you money from the affiliate referrals you  make in the book.  Also if you write an impressive, useful book that you give away, that’s a great prelude to promoting a paid book.

How to be successful when writing ebooks?

Use these success tips when choosing a topic and providing information :

  • Deliver your reader a solution to a problem.
  • Offer unique ideas that you have experience with personally that can’t be found just anywhere on the web.
  • Help your reader learn to do something better and with more efficiency.
  • Present information that is direct, easy to understand and entertain a little (use fun graphics)
  • Provide attention to detail

Writing your ebook and placing it on eBay and Amazon will increase sales.  For example creating your ebook for Kindle will give you some great promotional exposure.

4. Creating Membership Sites

Membership sites are super HOT right now.   For a small monthly fee your visitors can access your most prized and useful  information whenever they need it.

What I’ve come to find out is that many online visitors would really rather subscribe to and informational site by paying $10-$35 a month that gives them new and fresh information, ideas and feedback  versus paying one large up front cost for one single product.

Single products are still profitable but creating membership sites offer an even better benefit for you as a marketer.  It’s consistent monthly income.

If your your subscribers love what you’re giving them, they will stay subscribers, which means you will continue to generate income each and every month.

Here’s a real world example.  A low monthly subscriber cost of, let’s say $10 a month, and you have 50 subscribers and growing, that’s at least $500 a month.   That’s a modest estimate, most membership sites make a LOT more than that.

How do you make money with Membership sites

With a membership site, you choose a niche, let’s say ‘Cooking light’ for example.  Customers pay to join at a certain level (gold, silver, bronze) and are rewarded with certain perks for their membership that include newsletters, videos articles and tips.

You create the website and supply the materials yourself or through outsourcing each month to your members.

How to be successful with Membership sites?

To be successful with a membership site takes proper set up.  For example you need to:

  • Create your membership site
  • Create consistent content
  • Set up a payment system
  • Set up a membership script

But once your system is set up, it brings in residual income, and your subscribers pay you repeatedly.

Need more details?   Grab my free guide on how to create and start a profitable membership Website.

5. Becoming a Copywriter Working From Home

Copywriting is another hot industry on the web. Think about this.  The internet is composed largely of writing copy that helps people make sales. It’s what every web business and website needs.

Becoming a full time sales copywriter mastering the art of persuasion by writing copy for other businesses can bring in 6 figures a year.

Here’s why.

Most internet businesses and website owners start out tackling their own copywriting, but not many of them make any sales from their copy.   Why not?  It’s their copy!  They don’t know how to write persuasive copy that sells, and if you’re that person that can do it for them, you’re in demand.

Writing great copy is truly something anyone can learn to do, but most internet business owners don’t take the time to learn, they read a few articles, pick up on a few hints but fail miserably at sales.

How do you make money with Copywriting?

You can become a copywriting specializing in writing sales copy for other businesses or you can use the skill to enhance your own copywriting skills and benefit your own online business success.

Either way, on the web it’s a money making skill that every online, and offline, business has to have.

How to be successful copywriter?

I’ll be blunt.  Take a good copywriting course.  The benefits are that you’ll learn:

  • Who your customers are and how to communicate with them
  • How to write attention grabbing headlines
  • How to use the strategies of persuasion
  • How to use emotion effectively
  • How to get readers to take action
  • But writing great copy includes understanding how to do each of these things as well:
  • How to effectively reach top search engine ranking with your copy
  • How to improve your sales copy conversion rates
  • How to us keywords effectively

Karon Thackston’s step-by-step copywriting course is my best suggestion for learning this skill.  The course is directed to anyone that wants to become a full time copywriter, but if your goal is to simply improve your own sales copy, you’ll learn that as well.

The added benefit of Karon’s course is that she shows you how to develop your sales copy for the search engines, which is a must if you have an internet business.   Unless you’ll be writing direct mail sales letters offline,  you’ll need to write copy that appeals to both the individual and the search engines.  Two things in combination that aren’t easily achieved.

What to do now…

Choose an internet business model that you enjoy, will hold your interest, offers flex hours and will meet your income goals.

This will ultimately become your business, it’s not a hobby, so expect to invest in your business.  Don’t reinvent the wheel, but instead use tools that save you time and will help you grow your business.

Maintain your focus, don’t be drawn away from your main goals and tasks, and take action when you need.

And last, but certainly not least, keep patience and persistence as your motto, and you’ll do just fine :-)


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  1. MicroSourcing says:

    Copywriting from home is a good option for generating supplementary income though it rarely becomes a full income source in itself. The amount of money you earn depends on the profile of the writing projects you get.

    • I like to think of copywriting from home as something that helps people get their feet wet, especially if they’re trying to perfect their writing. I do know a few people that do it full time, but you’re right, it does depend on the project you get and how seasoned your are.

  2. Hi Jovani, Thank you! I’m thrilled that you’re learning a lot. That’s my goal :-)

    And BTW, thank you for your request on making money copywriting. Are you interested in writing sales letters, for example, a freelance career writing sales letters or direct mail copywriting for businesses, or are you more interested in online copywriting, for example, writing copy for your own sites or perhaps writing copy for other websites.

    Liz :-)

  3. Hey Llayda, Glad to hear that!

  4. Per-Erik Olsen says:

    Awesome post Liz. You have collected a realistic list of business opportunities. And as a bonus I found your article about setting up a membership site. That came in just at the right time for me. I’ll sign up to receive more great ideas from you.


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