My New Kindle – Coolest Christmas Gift This Year!


I got my wish for Christmas, a new Kindle! Because I spend a lot of time reading, this is one of the coolest gifts I've gotten this year.  The Kindle has a lot of fun features and it's added a whole new experience to reading.  

But even with all the Kindle cool features, most of which I never knew it had, I actually had one very specific reason for wanting a Kindle this year… [Read more...]

Olympus Stylus 1010 Camera: Create Your Own Video

Since my last video, I've gotten lots of email from folks that want to get started making their own video but they're just not sure how to get started, but I also think that if you don't have a camera it's just something else you have to think about and do.

Well, a few weeks ago I was in the same situation, I didn't have a camera either so I used my laptop camera which I found was extremely awkward because you can't situate a laptop just anywhere and the angles aren't really good. 

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Online Outsourcing: Improve Your Efficiency

If you have your own online business you don't want to be a slave to it; that causes burn-out.  That's where online outsourcing comes in. It's how you will improve your efficiency and experience the freedom to do the things you enjoy.  After all, isn't that why you decided to have an online business in the first place? 

Online outsourcing is offloading the menial, time consuming tasks that prevent you from doing the things that earn you actual money, things like product promotion, marketing tasks or connecting with others. 

I have several websites, a family and a home to look after and I can't do it all; and I don't want to. There was definitely a time when I tried and what happened? I got nothing done, I also got burned out. There just comes a time when you have to improve your efficiency by working smarter.  

But not everyone knows 'how' or even 'what' to outsource. But there's also the question of "How do I outsource when I'm not making enough money to pay someone?"  [Read more...]

The Marketing Power of Spacebook & Myspace

If you've been paying attention to the internet's social behavior lately you've probably noticed that social networking has become a big part of the ryan moraninternet's makeup.  

Sites like eBay and Amazon have been highly active in the recent past but they've slowly been surpassed by social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook, in fact Facebook was just recently valued at over $15 billion.

So what does that mean for you?  

These sites aren't just for high school kids or college students to gather, they have become incredible marketing tools. As these social networking sites continue to grow, and they are growing at a phenomenal rate, they are precisely what the Web 2.0 revolution is about.

As marketers complain more and more about dismal traffic rates, low eBay sales, problems with Google cracking down on Adwords advertisers, and SEO getting more difficult we're seeing sites like Myspace and Facebook rise to the occasion.  Why? Because they are making it easy for us to tap into the immense amount of traffic they generate so we as business owners can turn it into revenue.        [Read more...]

Build A Niche Store Update!

I've just installed the latest and greatest version 3 of BANS (Build a Niche Store).  If you're not familiar with BANS, I did a Bans Review earlier in the year.  Since then the BANS folks have made substantial updates to the product.

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BANS Review: Part III Customizing my BANS Store

 In Part II of my BANS review, I downloaded the BANS software, gave some pointers about choosing a domain name and also chose one for my new BANS website.  We also went over getting signed up for Ebay's affiliate program and installed my first BANS Store.   All pretty simple so far. 


Today I'll cover customizing its look and feel of my store. 


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BANS Review: Part II Setup & Guidelines

In Part I of my BANS review I showed you how to find Ebay's hot niches and then gave you some pointers on choosing a niche that's right for you. 

I came up with an easy niche for building my first BANS site.   I did all of that before actually purchasing the product, so I've got my credit card in hand and making my purchase, so here we go… [Read more...]