10 Proven Persuasive Techniques For Bloggers & Writers

persuasive techniquesAre you using persuasive techniques when blogging and writing?

In other words, do your blog posts, articles or guest posts persuade people to do what you want them to do?

Yes?  No?  Sort of?

If you’re not getting the response from your blogging or writing that you want, there are a number of things you can do to boost action from your readers but these are my favorites.

Do look them over because just making one simple change to your writing can make a huge difference for persuading your reader to take the action you want them to.

10 Best Persuasive Techniques to Use In Your Blog or Article Writing

Have an Idea Before You Start Writing

Before you ever write a word, know what you want your reader to do after reading your copy.  This will be your call to action. You need to choose one call to action objective, not 2 or 3, just one. Then keep your focus on that objective as you write.

What might your call to action be?

It’s whatever you want your reader to do as a result of reading your post or your article. It could be to:

  •  Click on a link
  • Sign up for your newsletter or free gift
  • Make an appointment
  • Make a blog comment
  • Visit a website

Whatever your call to action objective is, make it specific and make it clear.

For example, no one is likely to click a link that says ‘submit’. Submit what?  They might want to ‘sign up’ to your newsletter, ask a question or send a message but definitely not ‘submit’.  

‘Click here’ and ‘read more’ are OK, but be specific about what’s behind the link.

Capture Your Ideal Reader

Being persuasive starts with attracting your ideal reader.  That’s the person who is most interested in exactly what you’re writing about.

This post for example, is written for bloggers that want to write persuasively, so phrases like ‘writing persuasive posts’, ‘persuasive writing’ and ‘writing techniques for bloggers’ are words that would get the attention of someone wanting to do that.

Of course they are also the keywords that someone would use to find your content.

Persuade by Getting Into the Heart and Mind of Your Reader

It’s not enough to capture your ideal reader, you have to really understand them if you want to persuade them. That means understanding what’s in their heart and mind and why might they do what you are persuading them to do?

Take the buying decision for example. A huge percentage of what we buy is based on emotion, so help your reader feel that emotion.

“I don’t need that 50″ flat screen TV, but I sure do want one!”

Luxury items are emotional buys, so help your reader really feel the benefits and the joy of purchasing the item.

On the opposite side of the coin, take for example the teenager who has acne and you have a remedy. Get her attention by helping her call to mind why she wants to get rid of her acne.  It’s ugly, not to mention it’s the first thing anyone notices about her. What humiliation!  She’s embarrassed, has fewer dates, loss of self confidence and doesn’t want to go anywhere. It keeps you from having fun.

You must identify with your reader because if they know that you know how they feel and what they want, they’re more likely to trust that what you have is what they need.  That’s a big one that copywriters use over and over to write persuasive copy.

Exude Confidence in Your Writing

Do you have complete confidence in what you’re selling, promoting or even giving away?  You better!

I remember writing an e-book some time ago thinking ‘Who’s really going to read this’?  I didn’t have the confidence that it was good enough for anyone to pay money for.

That’s stinkin’ thinkin’ my friends. You can’t persuade someone to do something if you can’t persuade yourself first.

If you don’t have the confidence in what you’re selling, promoting or encouraging others to do,  either find a way to get the confidence or find something else you do have confidence in.

You have to believe in what you’re doing because if you don’t, how can you expect anyone else to?  That’s right, you can’t.

Show Proof.

Just the other day I was telling a friend of mine about how I love juicing, which by the way I do love!

We got on the topic because over the past few months I lost ten pounds.! Yes, I’m proud of myself :-)  Now I’m thinking I need a weight loss juicing blog.  That’s an idea for another day, LOL 😉

Anyway when my friend noticed my weight loss she asked me how I did it.  I told her I’ve been “Juicing”.  From that moment on she clung to every word I said.   And guess what?  She even went out and bought the exact same juicer I have.  Why?  Because I’m living proof that juicing works, and she wants the same results.  Now if I were selling juicers I could do pretty well don’t you think?

Showing proof is powerful.  Graphics and videos work extremely well.   Before and after photos are highly persuasive.

For online business owners, screen recording software is perfect for demonstrating products and services that you use.   Ileane of basicblogtips turned me on to Screencast-o-matic, which is free.  I’m still getting familiar with the tool, but the point is that it’s going to be especially useful for showing proof of how certain things work and the benefits.

If I’m truly excited about something and think it would be ideal for you as well, demonstration of proof is the best persuasive tool out there.

No Generalities. Be Specific

In the headline of your blog post especially, be specific.  Generalities get ignored.  For example, if you’re trying to attract attention with your headline a title like, “3 dieting tips you’ll love” is far less likely to get noticed than with a title like “3 proven ways to lose 10 pounds without dieting“.

But specificity doesn’t stop with your headline.  If you offer a product or service, be specific about what it is.  If you’re describing a product feature, be specific with the description.   If you are offering tips, be specific as to what each tip is about and how the reader will benefit.  If you want a reader to click on a link be specific about where you’re sending them.

Try a little Creativity

I bought some suntan lotion once that was packaged in an oil can.  I bought it because of the creative marketing.   I liked that, it got my attention.

If you’re a creative person use your creativity. I’m personally not that creative but I appreciate the creativity of others.

Here’s some creativity from Evian water that is a good example.

Ask Via Persuasion

Don’t just ask someone to click your link, sign up for your newsletter comment on your blog.  Add a little persuasion to your request that might raise curiosity. Here are a few ideas for how to do that.

  • I’m not at liberty to share the details; you’ll have to click here to get them.
  • I didn’t make $___ without a strategy, click here to find out how I did it. 
  • Watch this video now on to _________.
  • Order now and get our super saver delivery.
  • Sign up right here for this amazing free report.
  • Click here for our latest but temporary 20% discount.
  • Sign up now before they’re all gone.
  • Call today and find out what _________ isn’t telling you.
  • Watch this video to see how you can _____________.
  • Click here to get everything you need in one place.

Provide a Guarantee

If you’re going for a sale, guarantees are one of the best persuasive techniques you can use.  It takes the risk off the buyer.

Not everyone loves offering a guarantee because they fear buyers will take them up on their offer.  I can honestly say that of all the products I’ve sold online, I’ve had very few returns.

Of course there are people out there that will take advantage of your guarantee, but in my experience, they’re in the minority.

Include a P.S. (Postscript)

Using postscripts are a powerful for people who like to scan your content.

Often times a reader will read your headline, check out the first few lines of your post, scan for headers and bolded text and they’re done.

But if you include a postscript at the end of your post, that’s the last thing your reader sees, so make it stand out.  A good postscript can be your best opportunity to summarize important points and the best place to include your persuasive call to action.

There are lots of effective persuasive techniques out there, but for bloggers and writers, these have proven to be the most effective.

OK, it’s your turn.   What persuasive techniques work the best for you?


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  1. Susan Neal says:

    Great advice in this post, Liz. I think being honest, transparent and having the confidence to be yourself are some of the most important things. Also, as you say, tapping into the emotional factors that are important to your reader. I like the way you start by saying we should begin by thinking about our call to action. I’m amazed how often I read a post and I’m left not really sure what the writer’s objective was – having that clear focus at the outset is very important. I tend to start with my headline, because that should encapsulate what I’m offering in the post.

    Thanks, Liz, for a value-packed article.


    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hi Susan,

      Just wondering, do you create your headline first or do you write your post first then come up with a headline after it’s written? Or does it depend on what you’re writing?

      I’m finding that it works better for me to write my post first and then craft a headline. It seems when I craft my headline first I more often than not end up changing it. Sometimes my writing picks up an angle that indicates my title needs changing.

      Anyway, I like to hear what process others go through.


  2. Hi Liz,

    Important article. I bookmarked it and I will share it after I finish the comment.

    Your ideal reader
    This is kind of abstract person, a reader Persona. Needs some thinking. Who do you want your readers be? Who do you write for? Not so easy to do but with a little imagination… .

    Get into their hearts and discover how they feel
    Imagine their feelings and relate to them. Golden key! If you can do that, success is at hand.

    Showing proof
    Good one. I use graphics, diagrams, tables, screenshots.

    Call to action before writing the article
    This is new to me. Maybe because I have one single call to action. For the moment, the only thing I want from my readers is to make a comment.
    However, the idea is good and I wrote it down. Thanks.

    What a wonderful idea! Never crossed my mind. Do you separate the postscript from the article or integrate it ?

    Screencast-o-matic? I am constantly searching to different methods to create videos for free. I have never succeeded.
    Tell me just one thing. Does it work?

    Have a nice day

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hey Silviu,

      Your call to action is primarily to get comments and that’s OK. The main thing is that you know what it is. You may write posts another time or every articles to help boost your opt-in rate. If that’s your call to action you’ll probably write your post a little differently, in other words you’d write something that compels a sign-up.

      When I use Postscripts, I separate them by putting it after my signature.

      Screencast-o-matic does work, but to get full value you need to go with the paid version which is only $15/yr. Can’t beat that!

      Liz :-)

  3. Susan Neal says:

    Hi Liz,

    I always try to write it first, because it gives me the focus for the post and I can be clear about what I’m promising. If I’m struggling to come up with a good one, I still usually have a good idea of what it’s going to offer before I start writing. And then there are the times when I write one at the outset, but think of a better one before I publish!


    • Ms. Liz says:

      Thanks Sue. There is something to be said for writing your title first, as you say it gives you clarity. My hang up comes with choosing the correct keywords and often those are the things that change my title.


  4. Nate Leung says:

    Hey Liz,

    Capturing your ideal reader is something that I’ve started to tune into. As I’m building my business outside of blogging daily, I get questions from prospects that want to know about this or that, and what better way to make a blog post out of that. These are the types of people that are asking these types of questions so that I can attract them to my business.

    Sometimes when it comes to a buying decision, readers and prospects need to be persuaded. They need to be assisted when they are making a decision when it comes to pulling out their credit card out of their wallet. The information has to have enough value for them to purchase without second guessing it.

    Being specific is important because this is how you really find your ideal prospect. You speak to their pains you have a reader for life.

    Great post, thanks for sharing Liz!

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hey Nate,

      One thing I’m learning is that everyone makes their buying decision differently and you need to be able to read that in a person. Customizing your communication for the people you’re speaking to is key. That’s why it’s important to know your specific audience and how they think.


  5. Those are really great tips Liz!

    In so many of my earlier posts I did things all wrong. I didn’t have any clear call to action although I had links in my posts pointing to a product. I did make some sales but that eventually quit working after awhile.

    These tips are really great and I love the examples you shared about enticing them into doing what we want. Just being more creative and really thinking like your prospect will help.

    We definitely need to have more confidence in ourselves. I thought the same way you did when I started writing my first eBook but I had gone through a program and I had done what they outlined. I got the desired results so I shared those same tips in an eBook and it went over real well. I delivered what I had promised so I think we just need to follow through with information like that and the confidence will come. Just like sharing with your friend about juicing. It worked darn it!

    Great post and you know I’ll be sharing this one too! 😉

    Adrienne recently posted..Thankful Thursday: Money, Security, Triberr, Slideshare & ContentMy Profile

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hi Adrienne,

      So true, I think if we can share what we know and be open to helping others and deliver on our promises, we have a good formula.

      Thanks so much for sharing Adrienne. You’re awesome!


  6. Hi Liz,

    Could you please tell me one thing about Screencast-o-matic?
    I want to know what do you do with your video after recording. Are you forced to upload the video on their site (like Jing, for example) or you can upload it on your blog directly?
    What I really need is to create a video and upload it to my blog. Is it possible with this software?
    If not, what do you do with the video after recording? Maybe you upload it to Youtube first and then to your blog.

    Thank you

    Have a nice day

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hi Silviu,

      You can upload you video directly to your blog, just save it in a file on your hard drive then upload it to your blog. But I don’t do that. I upload my videos to Youtube first then to my blog. For traffic reach it’s good to have all your videos titled and listed on Youtube first.

      Hope that helps,
      Liz :-)

  7. Hey Liz,

    I have to bow my head down to you in this topic. The points you made here have to be one of the greatest advice anyone can give about persuasive techniques when it comes to blogging.

    One thing that a lot of people don’t take time for is capturing your ideal reader. This is basically target marketing. You wouldn’t try to sell double cheeseburger to a vegan. You definitely want to figure out who you’re readers are and curtail your posts to those readers. This is how you get more optins and sales.

    With that said you definitely want to be more specific with your Title. This will make you a lot more attractive as a writer and entrepreneur because it’s something more “specialized” as opposed to a title that everyone else is writing about. You definitely want to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

    Thanks for these awesome tips!
    sherman smith recently posted..How Many Friends Should You Have On Social Media?My Profile

    • Why thank you Sherman.

      And absolutely be specific with your title. That’s how you get attention but it’s also how you attract the right buyer. The more descriptive and focused you are the better.


  8. Guy Martin says:

    Hi Liz,

    Came upon your post through one of Sherman’s fine articles….and I’m glad I did.

    There are so many valuable pieces of information in this article that persuaded me to have your weekly writing tips sent to my email.

    Looking forward to your next post.


    • Hi Guy,

      Thank you so much. You made my day! It’s always nice to hear that the info I provide is helpful to others :-)

      Just as a heads up for me, what kinds of things are you interested in reading about?


  9. Awesome! Thanks for the info. Some I’ve used before but you still provided a fresh view of them.

    • Hi Vicky,

      Thanks for stopping by. Sometimes it takes a fresh view or a different way of looking at something to actually get the idea to resonate with readers.

      Have a great day,

  10. Thanks for putting a fresh view on things. I really enjoy reading your article.

  11. Debasmita says:

    Hey Liz…
    Visited your blog the first time…and you have just written in an very interesting way with reasonable point…
    I totally agree wit the point of being “specific”…the visitor should not get lost in the writing and lose interest as a result…
    And I must say that the statements of “persuasion” you have given are indeed persuasive :) ….
    Enjoyed and learned going through your article…

    • Hi Debasmita,

      So glad you stopped by! Conveying persuasion when you write can be a learning process, but if you think about it we persuade people every day in things we do and say so it shouldn’t that hard when we write.

      I think that’s why it makes a difference when we write like we talk, it helps us to put emphasis on key words that help us persuade. But of course there’s a lot more to it than that. It also helps to show proof and give real life examples of what we’re trying to convince people of.

      Anyway, thanks Debasmita for your feedback. Great to meet you!

      Elizabeth :-)

  12. Jacob OM 12 says:

    I am still very new to blogging though I have read about five books on the subject now. Mostly I go to the library and look up the topic. Your site is very valid and useful, and hopefully I have added you though I am not sure how to add you as a link. Eventually, I would like to become more of a Psychic manager than I used to be before I took a break from the business. I may use your site as a resource. Thank you!

    • Hi Jacob,

      Looks like you have a great niche and I like your blog. I think you’ll find that your blog will help with promoting your business.

      For someone new to blogging you’ve done a good job :-)

      One thing I’d suggest is to use at least one graphic in your posts. People are drawn to pictures, it also helps give your blog a bit more personality.

      The other thing is to also link your posts together. Use links in your posts that link to other posts of your blog. Also link to reputable, outside resources as well. But don’t link to just any site, link to sites that are relevant to your topic and that have authority. The search engines like that.

      Good job!

      Liz :-)

  13. Karen Hoyt says:

    Ms. Liz,
    What a great article about writing! As an English teacher, I know that my high school students love persuasive writing. I don’t know that it ever dawned on me that I was doing just that on my blog!
    I write about my personal experiences with health and diet. It is somewhat of a how to survive website. When I read about your experience with juicing, I realized how much influence we can have with our readers through the art of persuasive writing.
    Thank you for offering another piece of insight into how to be a better blogger!
    BTW- I’m a juicer too! Kudos to your success in juicing and meeting a personal goal at the same time!

    • Hey Karen,

      Thank you so much!

      I’ve certainly realized that persuasive writing is a big part of having a blog. After all, the reason we have blogs is to help influence and enlighten others, so we need to have a certain amount of persuasiveness in our writing. But I’ve also learned that I can’t just tell someone something and expect them to believe me. People need trust and then they need to regard us as someone of authority on the topic. Those things can come from presenting our own personal experiences, from friendship and of course from using our words. It’s been a learning process for me but I have to say I love it :-)

      So you’re a juicer too? It’s awesome isn’t it? I was so glad to lose 10 pounds, but it was an easy 10 pounds and I feel better :-) Can’t beat that.

      Thanks for your feedback Karen. Please stop by again, it’s been great to hear from you.


  14. I have two blog sites and really didn’t get a lot of traffic to the first one because I was just selling products. I sell promotional products on my main website and then created a blog that would feature certain products. I developed a second blog and completely changed everything. The blog is now showing proof that I am a leading in the industry.

    I now right the article and I review it I will write the title. The title needs to one of the most interesting points as it will either grab the reader or have them feel, oh here is another boring blog.

    Using some of your ideas we have made the changes for the better and I am getting very good feedback.

    • Hi Arleen,

      Titles are a big part of writing articles, they at least get some eyes to it. I’m glad these ideas have helped you. Keep up the good work :-)

      Thanks for your feedback Arleen.


  15. Huzaima Khan says:

    Hey Liz!
    I found your blog link on Adrienne Smith’s blog. Well pretty good blog.
    And I agree with you that persuading the audience is much necessary with ONLY one call to action. Even the Google doesn’t loves too much affiliate links on site.

    • Hi Huzaima,

      So great to meet you! Yes Adrienne is a great connection resource. I just love her :-)

      Even though I’m big on persuasion, your best persuasion comes from trust. Too many affiliate links, too many ads, too much about me and not enough about you says I’m more interested in marketing as opposed to ‘serving my market’. That’s not what blogging is about, at least not for me.

      I’m so glad you stopped by Huzaima and thanks for your great feedback.

      Let’s not be strangers :-)


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